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How Millenials and Women Are Changing Finance in America

Meghan French Dunbar July 4, 2015




The estimated amount of liquid assets currently controlled by Millennials.


The percentage of wealthy Millennials who want to use their wealth to help others.


The estimated amount of liquid assets that Millennials are projected to control by 2020.

$30-$41 TRILLION

The projected amount of financial and non-financial assets that will transfer from Baby Boomers to Millennials over the next 40 years.


The approximate percentage of estates in the U.S. valued at over $5 million that are controlled by women.


The percentage of the wealth transfer that will be inherited by women over the next 40 years.


The estimated percentage of the total private wealth in the U.S. that will be held by women by 2030.


The percentage of wealthy women who have expressed an interest in social and environmental investing (compared to one-third of wealthy men).

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