SOCAP24: Going Deeper, Catalyzing Systems Change — Tracks and Curation Councils Released!

SOCAP Pro Tip: Start Networking Before the Conference

SOCAP July 14, 2016

10429-1468249596One of the best things about SOCAP is that people you’ve been wanting to meet and talk with are all right there with you at Fort Mason! You could spend a year flying around the country and scheduling phone calls, or just make the most of your time at SOCAP. In addition to people you know or want to know, SOCAP is also filled with valuable strangers – people you haven’t met yet, but who share your vision for change and offer skills and assets that could be catalytic for your work. The conversations that take place at the picnic tables and meeting spaces at Fort Mason transform strangers into allies and collaborators. Many such alliances formed at SOCAP have already led to better outcomes for people, communities, and the planet.
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