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Video: Social Justice is the Next Big Step for Conscious Business

CCMedia April 7, 2017

“Which meal do you want to give up so I can care about chickens?” Gerry Valentine overheard a Bronx mother ask her daughter as she held up a carton of triple-bottom-line, free range eggs. That moment perfectly illustrated the point that he makes in this short, engaging speech from a 2016 gathering certified B Corps.

“We depend on consumers having access to conscious choices,” he says. “So when social injustice, like income inequality, forces half the populace into choices of desperation, it’s a business risk for us. Our businesses actually depend on social justice for us to succeed. And a sustainable economy also needs to be an inclusive economy.”

Watch the video to learn more about Gerry’s advice on the three things conscious business can do to fix the problem. And join us at our Conscious Company Global Leaders Forum in San Francisco from June 7-9 to learn from and network with Gerry and other trailblazers in the movement.


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