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Good Capital Project Design Team Announced

SOCAP May 2, 2017

We at SOCAP are excited to announce that Cheryl Heller, President of The Measured Lab, a firm dedicated to measuring the impact of design on social challenges, has joined the Good Capital Project team to partner in producing our two-year project that will reimagine the future of impact investing; scaling it from an emerging industry to a structural force for good in the global economy.
That project launches on Monday, June 19, at Convene in Midtown in New York City. The goal of the Good Capital Project is to bring the best minds together to focus energies, align vision, and look beyond current best practices to set daring goals for the future of impact investing.
The format of the day will include plenary sessions, where category experts will provide an overview of opportunity areas and issues; break out design sessions where smaller groups will collaborate to further define strategies and goals on specific issues of relevance to them, and presentations by the individual teams on the work they accomplished together. Each working group will have a facilitator to guide them through the creative process.
Participants will enjoy an opportunity to:

  • be part of an initiative that will define the future in the impact space
  • ensure that their voice, and the needs of their sector are part of that future and establish a place in it
  • learn from people with new perspectives, at every part of the ecosystem
  • increase their own success, whether as an investor or an entrepreneur, and
  • help make money a more powerful force for good.

“This day is simply the launch of our two-year initiative to shape the future of impact investing,” said Rosa Lee Harden, Executive Producer of SOCAP. “We all know that in almost every way impact investing is in its infancy and we know the broader community is ready to take up the challenge of shaping the future so that we can continue accelerating the growth of the field.” Read the full article … 

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