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GCP Feature: Why Good Capital Series: Brian Trelstad

SOCAP May 11, 2017

Read our Why Good Capital Series conversation with impact leader Brian Trelstad about why the Good Capital Project is needed in this moment as well as the invaluable insights each subject has into our industry. Brian Trelstad is a partner at Bridges Fund Management focusing on operations and Bridges Impact+.

What do you believe to be the unique opportunity for the GCP?

Brian Trelstad: There has not really been a single, well-defined watering hole in the sector where people can catch up with one another to compare notes on the evolution of the field. To some extent, the people who come to SOCAP are as close to that meeting place as exists in the sector. I think there is an opportunity for the Good Capital Project to become a place where a group of thought leaders can share content and connect with one another to advance the field in the spirit of collaboration and mutual trust.
Read the full conversation with Brian Trelstad here.

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