SOCAP24: Going Deeper, Catalyzing Systems Change — Tracks and Curation Councils Released!

Find Good Capital Project at SOCAP

SOCAP Global October 9, 2017

It’s SOCAP time!

On Tuesday, October 10 Good Capital Project is hosting design workshops titled “Education Programs to scale impact investing”, and “The Impact Economy Supply Chain” at 12:30 pm and 2:30 pm respectively. The first workshop is the natural progression of our discussions surrounding “Creating Shared Understanding”, “Impact Measurement & Management”, and “Enabling the Entrepreneur” in which time and again stakeholders across the spectrum, have reiterated the critical need of accessible, and comprehensive education programs that meet the requirements of different audience sets.

The second workshop integrates the recurring themes of our other three Grand Challenges – “Efficient Product Design & Distribution”, “Investable Solutions”, and “Legal Structures & Policy” and we have curated experienced voices who work at different stages of the impact value chain, to provide a complete perspective on the current baseline and to brainstorm optimal ways to achieve scale. Please find more details here.

You will also find us at booth # 9. We would love to say hello and hear your thoughts, recommendations, and partnership ideas.

We appreciate your involvement with Good Capital Project and look forward to continuing our engagement at SOCAP.

Here’s to a great week at SOCAP! 

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