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Meet Issue 16: New Ways to Think about Workplace Culture

Rachel Zurer October 30, 2017

“There’s a myth in business that you have two options about culture,” says Justin Rosenstein, co-founder of San Francisco-based productivity software firm Asana — and our cover model for Issue 16. “The myth says you can either have this lackadaisical culture where everyone’s really happy but you don’t get a whole lot done and you’re not really poised for any kind of business success. Or on the other extreme, you can be cutthroat and working 80 hours a week and maximizing for business success. We think that is just totally a false dichotomy, that the companies that are succeeding with the cutthroat culture are succeeding in spite of it, not because of it. And that it’s actually better for your success and your happiness to both work hard and live well.”

For Rosenstein, this isn’t just talk. He’s putting his ideas around effective and healthy workplace culture into practice in a big way at Asana — and we went behind the scenes to show you exactly how, with the most in-depth, immersive reporting we’ve ever done on a company.

We can’t wait for you to tag along to the Asana offices via our story in the November/December issue — which should hit newsstands and subscribers late this week — and the extra content we’ll be releasing online.

And of course learning about Asana’s innovative culture isn’t the only reason to pick up your copy online or in a local store, subscribe to the print product (not too late to get this issue!), or get instant digital access via the Zinio newsstand. Read on for more about what’s inside this issue.

Issue 16 on the presses!

November-December 2017 Conscious Company Magazine

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How Asana Is Setting a New Bar for Mindful Workplace Culture

By Rachel Zurer


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Sustainable Business

A Regenerative Business Case Study

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Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide

Special Advertising Section

Global Impact

How Church and State Will Help Impact Investing Go Mainstream

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Is Clean Meat The Future of Food?

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Stakeholder Capitalism
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