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SOCAP17 Daily Highlights: Friday

SOCAP October 13, 2017

SOCAP Producer and Curator Lindsay Smalling has said that Friday is her favorite day of the conference. In Lindsay’s recent post, The Best Parts of SOCAP, she wrote: “Friday is when the magic happens…Walking around campus you can feel a shift, from adrenaline frenzy and scheduled meetings to deeper conversations and resolve.” Please join us for those deeper conversations and afternoon sessions designed to get us energized and ready to carry this energy forward into our work beyond SOCAP17.

Friday Plenary: Change on the Horizon

Do not miss the closing plenary of SOCAP17! Our panelists and speakers will give us insights into emerging trends and help us get inspired and energized for the work ahead. Please note that this year the Friday plenary will begin at 8:30 AM on the main stage at Festival Pavilion. Plenary speakers include:

  • Deepti Doshi, Community Partnerships Director, Facebook
  • Penelope Douglas, Director, CultureBank @ YBCA
  • Kevin Jones, Convener, SOCAP
  • Andy Lower, Founder, ADAP Capital LLC
  • Donna Morton, CEO, Change Finance
  • Lila Preston, Partner, Generation Investment Management
  • Joel Solomon, Chairman, Renewal Funds

We will continue our tradition of having Penelope Douglas moderate a closing panel of some of the most powerful voices we’ve heard throughout SOCAP17.

Friday Workshops at SOCAP17

We have scheduled a handful of two-hour workshops today to help you dig deeper and turn insights into actionable next steps. All four workshops will take place between 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM.

What Does Racial Equity Look Like in Practice?

Fact – If we still have the same biases we’ll create systems that continue to perform inequity more efficiently. How does this show up in the investment process? This experiential workshop will take a hypothetical social enterprise from idea through investment at scale. At critical junctures, we’ll reflect how race or bias showed up. Through the lifecycle of a deal, from various stakeholder perspectives, participants will identify practices for reducing implicit bias and building equity and inclusion. Location: Firehouse.

Activist Bootcamp

In a world where “politics as usual” is out the window, many of us wonder what we can do to bring about change and channel frustrations into impact. This interactive workshop will give you a clear framework and easy-to-implement steps to move forward, including insights around leadership, collaboration, and advocacy. Apply all that you’ve learned at SOCAP to your favorite cause because, as Alexander Hamilton said, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” Location: Gallery Tent.

Vision Boost for Changemakers

Ready for a vision boost? Join us for an energizing session to unleash life’s possibilities. In this workshop, we will explore how to support our bold aspirations as changemakers. Whether you are still developing your vision, thinking about your next chapter, or need that boost to make it happen, you will walk away with the inspiration, daily tools, and best practices for living your vision. Location: C235.

Form Follows Function: Legal Structure for Social Enterprise

Though the decision is never simple, this interactive workshop is designed to help social entrepreneurs and attorneys have a clear and simple process to select the optimal legal structure and organization. The goal of the process will be to reduce complexity and confusion while giving the social entrepreneur a few clear options; narrowing down their potential legal structures from 7 to 2 or 3. Location: C230.
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