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What You Missed at SOCAP17: A Roundup of Coverage on the 10th Anniversary Conference

SOCAP November 9, 2017

To help you catch up on some of the great conversations that were part of SOCAP17, here is a roundup of reportage on the conference that was produced by reporters, bloggers, and members of the SOCAP community.

Huffington Post

Impact Investing and SOCAP Turn 10, Jorge Newbery, Huffington Post

“As SOCAP attendees gather to celebrate a terrific ten, they’ll collaborate to fuel even greater impact in the decade ahead. Lindsay Smalling is excited to be a major driver of that success. She believes that all investors should be maximizing the impact of their money, stressing that investors can generate positive social and financial returns. “This is your money,’ she said. ‘What’s it doing while you sleep at night?’”

What Does it Take to Be a Successful Social Entrepreneur? These 65 Leaders From #SOCAP17 Weighed In, Mark Horoszowski, Huffington Post

“Founding a startup is hard. Founding one that has a social mission is even harder. Thanks to the work of Social Capital Markets and its annual SOCAP conference, social entrepreneurs can more easily develop their networks, find potential investors, and expand their global network. For #SOCAP17, we caught up with 65 of these inspiring leaders to ask them for their advice in starting a company with a mission of making the world better.”


Takeaways from Wednesday at SOCAP

“‘You can create an economic buffer that prevents the spread of insecurity.’ Babban Gona’s Kola Masha said improving the livelihoods of farmers is a bulwark against Boko Haram, the extremist group that has wreaked havoc in northern Nigeria. Babban Gona’s package of financing, agricultural inputs and marketing help boost farmer income to three times the national average.”

How 17 of the Best-Dressed People at SOCAP Would Invest $1M for Impact, Maura Dilley


SOCAP Offers Important lessons for Social Entrepreneurs, Catherine Cheney
Leveraging Impact Investing to Achieve the SDGs, Catherine Cheney

“‘What I’ve been most astonished about is how people in the private sector world and the investor world are beginning to look at these Sustainable Development Goals as a real opportunity,’ Achim Steiner, administrator of the United Nations Development Programme, said at SOCAP. ‘We live in a world where many people are looking to invest their money and can’t find the right place to do it and yet much of the world is actually looking for money to invest in solving problems.’”


Food Waste: A New Investment Frontier, By Logan Yonavjak

“The panelists at a SOCAP talk ‘Financing the Food Waste Free Future: Emerging Approaches to Funding Solutions’ outlined one of the major actions needed to reach significant reductions in food waste, which is that we need to collectively galvanize hundreds of millions of dollars of new catalytic funding. It will take a spectrum of capital – from philanthropic to commercial – to get us here. An $18 billion dollar investment is what is estimated – and this equates to less than a tenth of a penny of investment per pound of food waste reduced.”

It’s Time to Invest in Negative Carbon By Logan Yonavjak


Wednesday at SOCAP17: Tweets, Live Interviews, & Quick Takes from Impact Investing’s Flagship Event
On Camera at SOCAP17: Eight Video Interviews with Leaders in Social Business and Impact Investing

Wharton Business Radio Podcast

The hosts of the show Dollars and Change, Nick Ashburn and Sandi Hunt, recorded these podcasts at Fort Mason during SOCAP17. They interviewed a variety of figures from the conference including Lindsay Smalling and Bob Caruso of The SOCAP Group; Joe Speicher of the Autodesk Foundation; Jim Rosenberg of Accion; Lauren Cochran of Blue Haven Initiative; Fran Seegull, Executive Director of US Impact Investing Alliance and others.
Live From SOCAP 2017, Part One
Live From SOCAP 2017, Part Two

SOCAP17  Videos

SOCAP17 Highlights

SOCAP17 Highlights

Visit the SOCAP YouTube Channel to find the full collection of SOCAP17 videos.

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