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Why We Are Launching The Total Impact Conference (And Why You Should Join US)

SOCAP Global January 15, 2018

Stories about growing demand for impact investing abound, but there are too many soundbites about social impact that focus narrowly on a single enterprise. Unfortunately, even within the community dedicated to growing the impact investment space, too much emphasis has been placed on individual ventures or products. The Good Capital Project, a SOCAP initiative, heard loud and clear that more advisors and investors need a way to learn the broader taxonomy of the impact space. To answer that call GCP is launching Total Impact, a new conference series dedicated to practical education and advice for investors and advisors to adopt more socially responsible investment strategies across asset classes.  

The Good Capital Project in partnership with ImpactPHL and Envestnet are proud to launch The Total Impact Conference series in Philadelphia with a two-day conference April 26-27, 2018. Get your tickets for Total Impact here.

Whereas many social impact events focus too narrowly on single social enterprises, Total Impact is about building portfolios holistically. Over two days, impact investing experts, academics, and development leaders will share their knowledge and teach you how to build total impact portfolios. Our aim is to help financial advisors, family offices, and investors learn about impact investing best practices, tools, strategies, and products across all possible asset classes within a portfolio.

Why Total Impact?

The idea for the Total Impact Conference grew out of the Good Capital Project. Since the beginning of this initiative, Good Capital Project workshop participants have told us that, because most investors are influenced by their advisors, investment advisors must take a leading role in this field in order to create widespread change.

Over the last 15 years there has been a tremendous amount of impact investing expertise developed by family offices, foundations, academia and social entrepreneurs. This expertise has recently been translated into tools and products that allow true portfolio building. Recent regulatory changes have recognized the fiduciary role of impact investing. Studies have shown that ESG is an important risk management tool as well as an alpha generator. Investment Advisors need a better way to become confident in this knowledge, so that they can become the champions the space needs. This is what Total Impact is all about.

Growing Investor Demand for Impact is Building a New World and Creating New Opportunities

It has been said that all investing has an impact, either positive or negative. More and more investors are realizing that they can make the same financial return from deposits, bonds, stocks or alternative investments that are also making a positive impact on society. Demand for impact investment is growing, in part because millennials and women, two groups that are most likely to ask for impact across their portfolios, are increasingly becoming the driving forces behind most investment decisions.

The reality is that a majority of investors (including HNW and UHNW clients) want to know they are making a positive impact through their investments. Research shows that investors want both a financial and impact return. A whole new world is developing in the field of investments and investment advice. Building a 100% impact portfolio is an aspiration for some. But for many more, adding some amount of impact across a portfolio is an achievable first step that they can take today. Financial advisors who want to get ahead of this movement are recognizing the changing realities and growing opportunities of impact.

Join Us to Learn How to Build Total Impact Portfolios

If you are an interested investor or a financial advisor or wealth manager who sees the opportunities and wants to help meet the rising demand for impact investing, join us at Total Impact to get actionable, executable information on building portfolios that include impact investments across asset classes, please join us April 26 and 27, 2018 at the Cira Centre in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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