Unusual Investments: Episode 4 of SOCAP’s Podcast Money + Meaning

SOCAP July 31, 2018

Episode four of our new podcast series, Money + Meaning: Unlikely Allies Building New Markets for Impact is now available!


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Episode Four: Unusual Investments – Breaking the Mold for Raising and Investing Capital — LIVE AT SOCAP 365 in San Francisco

For entrepreneurs raising capital, standard term sheets and investor expectations often put them at a disadvantage or set both parties up for failure. But new models are emerging that better align investors and entrepreneurs, structure terms to incentivize sustainable growth over short-term gain, are less exploitative and grow community wealth. For investors and entrepreneurs, this panel of practitioners highlights a range of approaches that break away from traditional venture capital models to better support world-changing ventures.

How are these new types of deals structured? What are the unique challenges and opportunities for stakeholders when deals are structured in new and creative ways? In our latest podcast, recorded live at Impact Hub San Francisco, our SOCAP 365 panel of practitioners answers these questions and discusses building investment models to support more diverse solutions and unlock new sources of capital.

Panel moderator Rodney Foxworth leads this powerful discussion about what is broken in our current system, potential solutions to these problems, and ways we can “make these so called unusual investments mainstream.”

Featured Voices

Rodney Foxworth

Jenny Kassan
business attorney, consultant, and author

Ted Levinson
Beneficial Returns

Aner Ben-Ami
Candide Group

Host: Lindsay Smalling


Read Jenny Kassan’s new book, Raise Capital On Your Own Terms: How to Fund Your Business Without Selling Your Soul

About Money + Meaning

Money + Meaning is the official podcast of SOCAP. This series aims to expand the conversation around impact investing and strategies to finance and support social change while stimulating innovative and valuable new partnerships across sectors.

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