Investing for Racial Equity: Episode 5 of SOCAP’s Podcast Money + Meaning

SOCAP August 14, 2018

Episode five of our new podcast series, Money + Meaning: Unlikely Allies Building New Markets for Impact is now available!


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Episode Five: Investing for Racial Equity — LIVE at SOCAP 365 in New York City

Modern cities are far from equal playing fields due to historic inequalities and systemic economic oppression against communities of color. Housing, infrastructure, jobs, transportation, and local economic systems can unconsciously further these gaps–or be designed to interrupt and address inequities head-on.

How are funders moving capital to address racial equity across neighborhoods, cities, and nationally? Listen to episode five of the Money and Meaning podcast to hear a panel of leading practitioners, peers, and allies in the field provide examples of strategies that are working.

This Money and Meaning conversation, recorded live at a SOCAP 365 event at Civic Hall in New York City, explores ways that investors, city governments, philanthropists, and activists to work together to create genuine opportunities for communities of color to thrive.

Featured Voices

Jim Carr (moderator)
Roosevelt Institute

Brinda Ganguly
Living Cities

Eleni di Janis
New York City Economic Development Corp. (NYCEDC)

James Johnson Piett
Urbane Development

Miljana Vujosevic

Host: Liz Maxwell


About Money + Meaning

Money + Meaning is the official podcast of SOCAP. This series aims to expand the conversation around impact investing and strategies to finance and support social change while stimulating innovative and valuable new partnerships across sectors.

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