SOCAP24: Going Deeper, Catalyzing Systems Change — Tracks and Curation Councils Released!

6 Reasons Not to Miss SOCAP18

SOCAP September 24, 2018

1. We offer the biggest tent of any social impact conference worldwide.

SOCAP is known for our unique cross-sector approach. We aim to break down the silos within the impact space to catalyze global change. The SOCAP community includes tens of thousands of impact investors, social entrepreneurs, foundation leaders, philanthropists, policy makers and others from across the impact ecosystem. Attending SOCAP18 means joining a diverse community of thought leaders and practitioners who are all passionate about growing the global market at the intersection of money and meaning.

2. You’ll gain access to a community of colleagues, friends, allies, and valuable strangers.

As one of the 3000+ SOCAP attendees, you are likely to connect with a valuable stranger. Valuable strangers are people you haven’t met yet, and didn’t even realize that you needed to meet, but when you strike up a conversation you discover they share your vision for change and offer valuable skills and assets you need to take your work to the next level. Impromptu conversations at SOCAP often end up turning strangers into allies and allies into collaborators.
Registering for SOCAP18 in advance allows you to start connecting with other members of our community before the first day of the conference. Once you register, you’ll gain full access to Pathable, our online community platform. On Pathable you can learn about and message other attendees, start discussions, and schedule meetings weeks in advance of the conference.

3. SOCAP sessions feature the insights of experts and leading practitioners on topics that matter to you.

SOCAP18 will be different from any of our previous conferences in a few key ways. We’ve taken a brand new “festival” approach to SOCAP programming that we think you will enjoy (and that long-time members of our community will find refreshing). Though our schedule may be a little different, like all of our preceding flagship conferences SOCAP18 will offer hundreds of illuminating panels, workshops, and keynote addresses from leaders across the field. Programming highlights include:

  • An impressive list of speakers and panelists.
  • A list of themes that previews many important conversations you will be able to join in at Fort Mason in October, including the continuation of the Racial Equity track sponsored by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation that began at SOCAP17, and timely new topics such as Blockchain for Impact, Refugees, and Opportunity Zones.
  • The 78 SOCAP Open sessions, suggested and co-produced by leading members of our community.

4. Meet today’s most innovative social entrepreneurs.

Come meet the world’s most promising social entrepreneurs at SOCAP18. The list of past and present SOCAP Entrepreneur Scholarship recipients includes some of the brightest stars working in the impact space from around the globe. At SOCAP you will get the opportunity to meet them, hear their stories, and learn about their innovative solutions to social and environmental challenges.

5. It’s fun!

This is not your typical impact investing event. SOCAP18 offers more of a creative, social experience than other conferences. Meet-ups and parties are woven throughout the schedule with music, delicious food, and festive beverages. (Dancing is not unheard of). Whether or not you are a social butterfly–all attendees have plenty of chances to strike up informal conversations, relax, unwind, and enjoy the beautiful San Francisco Bay scenery. The views of the Golden Gate Bridge that can be seen from Fort Mason are spectacular. Think of SOCAP as a chance to meet a group of fascinating people from all over the globe who are doing amazing things to change the world for the better. Sometimes with wine. Seriously, SOCAP is a lot of fun!

6. Help kick off our next decade growing the impact space.

Last year we celebrated our milestone tenth anniversary. Over the course of those ten years, SOCAP grew from a once a year event to a year round series of impact focused events and conferences. Throughout our evolution process, our community has remained at the leading edge of a movement to catalyze world change through innovative business models and responsible investments. Please join us at SOCAP18 as we begin our next decade and help shape the direction this movement takes next.
SOCAP18 will kick off on Tuesday, October 23rd at 1pm at The Fort Mason Center in San Francisco. Don’t miss out on being part of the largest gathering of leaders from across the impact space register for SOCAP18 today.  

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