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Ep. 4: Tami Simon of Sounds True

WCW Podcast September 24, 2018

Tami Simon is the founder and CEO of Sounds True, a multi-million dollar media company on a mission to disseminate spiritual wisdom. After 33 years in business, Tami works with some of the most recognizable spiritual teachers in the world like Ram Dass, Eckart Tolle and Jack Kornfield.  She also strives to run a truly conscious company that takes all stakeholders into account. On this week’s episode of World-Changing Women, we sit down with Tami to hear the inside story of how she built Sounds True one recording at a time, how she built such a significant company with very little outside investment, what wisdom she’s gained in the 33 years of running her business, and how she strives to honor what her soul is asking of her as a business leader.


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