Tech + Government for an Inclusive Economy: Episode 8 of Money + Meaning

SOCAP September 25, 2018

Episode eight of our new podcast series, Money + Meaning: Stories of Unlocking the Potential of Global Markets for Impact is now available!


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Unlikely Allies: Tech + Government for an Inclusive Economy

How can a cross-sector partnership between a financial services firm and a government official help build a more inclusive, equitable economy?
When Tishuara Jones took office as Treasurer of the City of St. Louis, Missouri, she was troubled to learn that a full 1/3 of African Americans in the St. Louis area were either unbanked or underbanked. She decided to tackle that problem head on and to spread financial empowerment across her entire community. She opened the first Office of Financial Empowerment in St. Louis and began seeking out partnerships with organizations that are building financial inclusion solutions. That led her to LendUp, a financial services company focused on serving the unmet needs of the emerging middle class.

In this episode of Money + Meaning, host Liz Maxwell speaks with Jones and Jotaka Eaddy, Vice President of Policy, Strategic Engagement, and Impact of LendUp, to discuss their partnership and some of the innovative solutions they are working on together, including a savings program that is helping children in St. Louis save for college. Listen to episode 8 to learn more about Jones’ efforts in St. Louis, and some of the other innovative ways LendUp is using technology and behavioral economics to increase the financial health and literacy of the emerging middle class.

Featured Voices

Jotaka Eaddy

Tishaura O. Jones
City of St. Louis, Missouri

Host: Liz Maxwell


Compassion is Badass: 5 Questions with St. Louis Treasurer Tishaura Jones on financial inclusion and using tech for good

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