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A Guide to Networking at SOCAP18 (Tips for Meeting a Valuable Stranger)

SOCAP October 9, 2018

Meeting new people and forging valuable new relationships can be one of the best parts of the SOCAP conference experience. A variety of formal and informal networking opportunities are scheduled throughout SOCAP18. Here are a few of the ways you can connect with other attendees before, during, and after the event.

Join a facilitated networking session in Building C.

This year, for the first time ever, all of the sessions running in Building C will include at least half an hour of facilitated networking. Attend a session on a topic you are focused on/passionate about to meet a group of SOCAP18 attendees that are knowledgeable, practicing, or interested in this same challenge, solution, or area of impact. These sessions were designed to help community members with aligned interests and values to connect.

Use Pathable to discover other attendees and connect with them.

Pathable is SOCAP’s official online networking and scheduling platform. Download the SOCAP18 Pathable app for iPhone or Android to customize your schedule and connect other attendees.

  • If you have not already, set up your SOCAP18 Pathable profile.
    • Add a headshot and a robust description of your work, mission, and vision for change.
    • Tag your profile with your interests and areas of expertise.
    • Link to your website and social media channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) to invite other attendees to follow you or your organization online.
  • Review the SOCAP18 daily schedule and add yourself to the sessions you want to attend.
    • For sessions that align closely with your interests and areas of expertise, look to see which other participants have also signed up to attend those sessions. Review their attendee profiles to discover if their mission or interests align with your own.
  • Search for other attendees to discover people you want to connect with at SOCAP.
    • Filter attendees by geography, title, ribbon, organization, or relevant SDGs.
  • Send private messages or request meetings with other attendees.
  • Start or join public conversations via Discussions.

Join us for “How to Get the Most Out of SOCAP”

Not just for newcomers, this 3:00 pm Tuesday afternoon session highlights new features at SOCAP18, tips for navigating the campus and schedule, and early opportunities for meeting other attendees. This year we will be joined by the Artistic Director of BATS Improv to get SOCAP started with idea generation and creative thinking.

Start your own meetup or community discussion.

If you would like lead a conversation about a topic that is relevant to the conference themes, you are welcome to create your own impromptu meet-up at SOCAP18. Announce this self-organized session by starting a new Pathable Discussion. If you want assistance, take your community discussion idea to the host station in the front of Festival Pavilion during SOCAP18 and they will help you add the information about the meeting time, place, and topic on Pathable.

Come to SOCAP social events, parties, and celebrations.

SOCAP can seem overwhelming to newcomers, but this community is very welcoming and supportive. Lots of SOCAP attendees come to the conference specifically for the opportunity to meet other members of this community. Here are a few of the social events and celebrations you should plan to join:

  • Tuesday’s Welcome Reception (6pm to 9pm)
  • Wednesday’s Wine Down (5pm to 7pm)
  • Thursday Party-SOCAP’s largest celebration (5:30pm to 9:30pm)

SOCAP is famous for facilitating connections between valuable strangers – people who hadn’t met yet, but when they met at SOCAP they discovered that they shared a singular vision for change and mutually beneficial skills and assets. Striking up casual conversations at SOCAP can potentially lead to valuable alliances. Don’t be afraid to say hello, introduce yourself, and start conversations with your fellow attendees.

Follow and respond to #SOCAP18 social media posts.

We encourage all SOCAP attendees who are active on social media to share quotes, inspirational moments, and valuable insights into the conversations that are happening throughout the conference using the hashtag #SOCAP18. As you are posting your own thoughts and conference experiences on social media platforms–follow the #SOCAP18 conversation. If another attendee posts an observation that resonates with you or stimulates a question or response, start a conversation with them through the platform or look up their Pathable profile to send a private message.
The online conversation continues long past the flagship conference. Discover and connect with new members of the SOCAP community throughout the year by following Social Capital Markets on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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