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Meet the Speakers of the 2019 World-Changing Women’s Summit

Vanessa Childers October 30, 2018
(Above: Aisha Fukushima, Singer, Speaker, RAPtivist, speaking at the 2018 World-Changing Women’s Summit)

The 2019 World-Changing Women’s Summit is fast approaching (January 28 – 30), and we really hope to see all of you unstoppable women there. In addition to the magical venue and the unparalleled opportunity to network and connect, the World-Changing Women’s Summit is also a place to hear inspiring stories and reflect upon them amidst the ancient redwoods. This isn’t your average women’s conference.

Just like the inaugural Summit in 2018, Conscious Company Media has pored over its vast network to handpick a powerhouse group of female leaders to share their journeys navigating conscious-business issues.

What do we look for in a speaker? Presence, vulnerability, relatability… and a certain je ne sais quoi. 

Here are the fabulous, awe-inspiring, badass female speakers confirmed for the 2019 World-Changing Women’s Summit.

Eileen Fisher
Founder & President, EILEEN FISHER
Listen to Eileen Fisher’s story!

Kim Jordan
Co-Founder & former CEO, New Belgium Brewing

Listen to Kim Jordan’s story!

Alfa Demmellash
Co-founder & CEO, Rising Tide Capital
Read Alfa Demmellash’s story!

Kit Crawford
Owner & Co-CEO, Clif Bar & Company

Akaya Windwood
President, Rockwood Leadership Institute

Komal Ahmad
Founder & CEO, Copia

Sheryl O’Loughlin
Author of Killin’ It
President & CEO of REBBL
Co-founder & former CEO of Plum Organics
Former CEO of Clif Bar & Company

Rajkumari Neogy
Creator, Disruptive Diversity Framework

Erin Wade
Founder & CEO, Homeroom Restaurant
Listen to Erin Wade’s story!

Konda Mason
Co-founder, Jubilee Partners
Co-founder & founding CEO, Impact Hub Oakland

Tara-Nicholle Nelson
Author of The Transformational Consumer
Founder & CEO of SoulTour
Listen to Tara-Nicholle Nelson’s story!

Kim Graham-Nye
Founder & President, gDiapers
Read Kim Graham-Nye’s story!

Molly Hayward
Co-founder at Cora
Listen to Molly Hayward’s story!

Zahra Kassam
Founder & CEO, Monti Kids

Liz Allen
Policy Director, C.O.O.K. Alliance 
Founder, Invisible Stories Project

Stay tuned for more 2019 speaker announcements!

Event Details

What: World-Changing Women’s Summit
When: January 28 – 30, 2019
Where: 1440 Multiversity, Scotts Valley, California
Tickets: Register here


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