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Friday SOCAP18 Daily Highlights: 10/26/18

SOCAP October 26, 2018

–SOCAP CEO Lindsay Smalling

Friday Sessions

SOCAP18 is not over yet! Today’s schedule features a variety of sessions including workshops, fireside chats, and panels. Programming begins at 9 am and concludes at 12:30. Check Pathable for today’s schedule and session descriptions.

#SOCAP18 Instagram Contest Winners

Thank you for sharing your photographs, your stories, and your conference takeaways with the global SOCAP community through Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. We reviewed all of the great #SOCAP18 photos you shared on Instagram and have selected a few of our favorites.
Winners are:


And Thuchmadhier

Please come by the JB Media booth Friday morning to claim your prize! Nice work.

Other select Favorites:

Thank you to everyone who participated in the #SOCAP18 Instagram contest! We love seeing the event through your eyes.

ADAP Deal Room Investment

From the SOCAP mainstage on Thursday, two investments were announced resulting from the 2nd ADAP Deal Room, which took place in real time this week. ADAP is investing in Solstice Energy Solutions, and Sayuri Sharper is investing in Roots Studio.

Keep the Conversations Going

If you missed a session on the Festival Mainstage that you really wanted to see, or would like to watch one of those important conversations again, take a look at the SOCAP18 Playlist on the SOCAP YouTube channel. All of our mainstage content was recorded and videos of those sessions are now available online. Here are a few of the other ways you can keep engaging with this community throughout the year:
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