Ep. 11: Lisa Curtis of Kuli Kuli

WCW Podcast November 12, 2018

Lisa Curtis is the founder and CEO of Kuli Kuli foods, which makes energy bars, drinks, smoothie powders, and more that feature a new superfood ingredient, moringa, all while supporting moringa producers on small farms in Africa. You might have seen products boosted with this new superfood across Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, or even Costco. Moringa comes from a tree that grows in hot climates with small green leaves that are somehow even more nutritious than kale. Much of moringas new foray into the market can be attributed to today’s interviewee: Lisa Curtis. Despite how prolific Kuli Kuli products are becoming, the company’s roots epitomize the entrepreneurial journey. Lisa bootstrapped the company with $1,000 of her own cash, handing out samples of her products at Whole Foods and not paying herself a cent until she gained enough traction in the market. In this episode of World-Changing Women, we’ll sit down with Lisa to talk about how she brought a new superfood into the market, how she found investors who support her vision, and why she advocates for staying small as long as possible.


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