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The Heart-Driven Approach to Conscious Leadership

Kelly Anne Weiss December 14, 2018

The ultimate achievement and success of a conscious business comes down to one factor: the leader’s level of connection — to themselves, others, and the planet.

Traditional leadership takes a mind-based approach, relying solely on logic, intellect, and learned experiences to gain wisdom. Conscious leadership, on the other hand, takes a heart-based approach by awakening the wisdom from within and from everything around you.

The Disconnected Approach to Leadership

No matter how conscious or purposeful their intentions are, when leaders focus solely on the mind (and are therefore disconnected from the heart) they hold themselves in the disconnected “me” state and operate mostly from the four main premises of disconnection: fear, scarcity, a profit-first mindset, and a self-gain focus.

The Four Premises of Disconnected Leadership:


Restriction, Panic, Frustration.


Competition, Limitation, Impatience.


Greed, Ignorance, Destruction.


Isolation, Separation, Desperation.

This disconnected approach limits the amount of success and positive impact you can create and steers you away from your pathway of purpose. It keeps you separate from those you want to serve and reinforces an us-versus-them approach. It perpetuates the energies of hustle and control and results in the most resistance.

The Connected Approach to Leadership

The heart-driven approach empowers you to first connect to your heart, which in turn allows your heart to lead the mind, a state the HeartMath Institute calls “resonance.” This opens you up to the expansive “we” approach and gives you direct access to the four heart-driven premises: love, abundance, awareness, and connection.

The 4 Premises of Heart-Driven Leadership:


Truth, Compassion, Purpose.


Expansion, Possibilities, Talent.


Awakening, Growth, Clarity.


Unity, Wholeness, Creation.

This connected approach attracts unlimited possibilities and empowers you to create higher levels of positive impact and success. It reawakens you to unity consciousness and reinforces there is no “them,” only “us.” You feel a connection to everyone and everything around you and operate with trust in the unknown. Leading from the heart is the ultimate pathway to truth, authentic expression, and accomplishment.

Uncovering the 4 Heart-Driven Premises



“I open up my heart and choose to see love in everything and everyone.”

Operating from a place of love allows you to tap into your light, truth, and inner guidance. You open up your heart, feel safe, and can step into your full power. The mask of illusion drops away, and roadblocks and boundaries crumble. The energy of love awakens clarity, guidance, purpose, and lasting change.



“Endless opportunities and miracles are all around me. I open myself up to see and receive.”

 Abundance dissolves the concept of competition and lack. You become aware of your unique gifts and purpose, and you courageously offer them to the world. You honor everyone else’s gifts by providing courage and support. You tap into the infinite potential of the universe and effortlessly attract opportunities.



“I open myself up to a higher perspective and see how my actions benefit the good of all.”

 Operating from awareness means you can see the whole picture and how your actions, energy, and thoughts affect not only yourself but also everyone and everything around you. You become conscious of the evolution you and your business are going through to become more expansive and in service.



“I awaken to the reality that we are all connected. I am you and you are me.”

When you are connected to your truth and everything around you, the need to acquire and gain more drops away and you become ready to co-create. Your priorities shift from “me” to “we” and you open yourself up to new ways of being, creating, and sharing. Unity becomes your driving force.

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