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Ep. 19: Robyn Sue Fisher CEO and Founder of Smitten Ice Cream

WCW Podcast February 19, 2019

With a high-tech ice cream machine mounted to a souped-up radio flyer wagon, Robyn Sue Fisher took to the streets of San Francisco. Since her humble beginnings, she’s opened 8 Smitten Ice Cream shops throughout California. Smitten makes ice cream differently – every flavor is churned to order. That means starting from scratch with natural ingredients. Then comes the patented Brrr machine using liquid nitrogen to freeze every custom, creamy scoop – in around 90 seconds. Robyn’s mission is to spread joy. This is done by more than delicious ice cream, but through a set of core company values and putting people first. Today, we hear how Robyn made new discoveries and pushed past failures to give old-fashioned ice cream a major makeover.


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