Nominate Your Favorite CEOs for the 2019 Top Conscious Business Leaders List

CCMedia February 25, 2019

The Top Conscious Business Leaders List (formerly the Conscious Company Leaders Awards) recognizes some of the year’s most innovative, influential, and dedicated mindful business leaders in categories like of personal journey, conscious workplace, and global impact. Finalists will be featured in the Summer/Q3 2019 print issue of Conscious Company magazine, which is devoted to Purpose, and highlighted on the Conscious Company website.

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Who is eligible to enter?

  • Anyone can submit a nomination, including PR representatives.
  • Nominees should be conscious business leaders or executives (C-suite level) who have been in leadership positions for at least 5 years, preferably 10, and have a demonstrated commitment to values-based leadership.

Is there a cost to enter?

Nope, this is a purely editorial project, and entering is free.

What do you mean by “conscious business leaders”?

We mean business leaders who demonstrate a higher set of values (beyond a narrow focus on shareholder returns) through their words, the way they operate in the workplace, and their actions in the world. These leaders live their lives through an established value system and make choices with clear intention.

This commitment is reflected in:

  • Their leadership style
  • The way they build their workplace
  • Their effectiveness in using the business and their leadership role to strengthen their communities and protect our environment.

What are the list categories?

We’re accepting nominations for three categories this year:

Personal Journey

This category recognizes leaders who have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to cultivating the practice of conscious leadership on an individual level through self-development work and who serve as an embodied example for others. We’ll especially consider evidence of significant transformation.

Conscious Workplace 

This category recognizes leaders who have created exceptional workplace environments where others can thrive. We’ll especially consider leaders’ achievements in fostering a low-drama culture of care, purpose, and belonging for their organization.

Global Impact

This category recognizes leaders whose work has had an exceptional positive impact in solving problems related to human rights, climate change, income inequality, or other social or environmental issues in their local community or the world at large. We’ll especially consider a leader’s innovative use of business strategies and models as tools for social change.

Can I nominate the same person in more than one category?

Yes, though the criteria we’re using to judge each category is different, and you’ll need to fill out a separate application for each. We recommend that you consider which category they truly excel in and focus your efforts there.

Can I nominate myself?

Only for the “Global Impact” category. For “Personal Journey” and “Conscious Workplace,” the application will be much stronger if you can find a supporter or ally to nominate you.

Do you accept leaders of nonprofits?

We focus mainly on using business mechanisms to solve social problems. So if the nonprofit has a self-sustaining, earned revenue model, we’re happy to consider its leader. If the organization is mainly grant- or donation-funded, it’s not a great fit.

What does the entry process involve?

  1. Fill out the nomination form. In addition to basic contact information for you and the nominee, including how you know them, the questions are as follows. In the nomination form’s “Why should this person be on our list?” general free-response question, feel free to answer any/all of the questions for the category your nominee best fits into.
    1. Personal Journey category:
      1. How can you tell this person is a conscious leader? How does conscious leadership show up in their behaviors and choices, especially in business? Please provide specific examples. (Click here for ideas about what makes a conscious leader.)
      2. What consistent consciousness practices does this leader demonstrate and what is their impact? Conscious leaders maintain a commitment to practices that show up inside and outside of work (i.e. reflection, journaling, meeting practices, conflict management practices, etc).
      3. We’re especially interested in celebrating significant transformations within leaders that then impacted the world around them. If applicable, tell us about the “before” and “after” versions of this leader. What changed? Why and how? What difference did it make in their own lives, and to their team, organization, or community?
      4. How have you observed this leader “walk the talk” of their company’s stated mission and values?
      5. How has this person inspired and supported others around them to also grow in self awareness/development?
      6. Why else does this leader deserve to be on the Top Conscious Leaders list?
    2. Conscious Workplace category:
      1. What’s so great about the workplace culture this leader has helped create?
      2. What are the three most important and specific behaviors that the leader has identified as foundational to their company culture?
      3. How have you observed this leader “walk the talk” of their company’s stated mission and values?
      4. How has the leader integrated the physical, technological, and process environment to support their workplace culture? Please give examples.
      5. Describe a specific moment (or episode) where you observed this leader demonstrating leadership in service of creating a more thriving team or workplace culture. What was the situation or challenge? What specifically did they do?  What was the observable results of their actions?
      6. Why else does this leader deserve to be on the Top Conscious Leaders list?
    3. Global Impact category:
      1. What social or environmental problem is this leader seeking to solve?
      2. What’s the nominee’s theory of change around addressing the root of that problem? In other words, how is this leader’s business actually solving that problem?
      3. What measurable impact has the business had so far on that problem? In other words, how do you know it’s working?
      4. How is this leader’s theory of change and work moving the needle beyond what would have likely happened anyway?
      5. What is this leader’s specific contribution to that success? In other words, what values, qualities, skills, or insights do they uniquely bring to the problem?
      6. How have you observed this leader “walk the talk” of their company’s stated mission and values?
      7. Why else does this leader deserve to be on the Top Conscious Leaders list?
  2. If your nominee is chosen as a finalist, we’ll contact them to request images to use in the list.

Who will be judging the entries?

Conscious Company Media’s editorial staff.

When will I found out if my nominee has been selected?

We will let finalists know if they’re selected by June 15, 2019.

What’s in it for the finalists?

Those selected for the list will be featured in the Summer/Q3 2019 print issue of Conscious Company magazine and in related digital content. Finalists will also earn the industry-wide recognition that comes with this honor.

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