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Ep. 24: Kristen Tobey of Revolution Foods

WCW Podcast March 27, 2019

While she was in business school, Kirsten Tobey started a revolution. In a fight against childhood obesity and with a goal to set students up for success, she sought to redefine school lunches. Kirsten and Kristin Richmond co-founded Revolution Foods, which has grown from an MBA project into a thriving business that employs over 1500 people who serve over 3 million healthy meals to schools and communities every week. Throughout the country, but especially in low-income areas, access to high-quality, healthy food is limited. Student inspired and chef-crafted, Revolution Foods provides affordable and nutritious breakfasts, lunches, after-school snacks, and suppers that also taste good. Today, Kirsten shares her founding story -from running pilots to getting funding to starting a family – fueled by a passion of building lifelong healthy eaters.

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