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Highlights From the 2019 Conscious Company Leaders Forum

Vanessa Childers April 17, 2019

The 2019 Conscious Company Leaders Forum wrapped up last week, and it truly was a phenomenal gathering.

As one leader said post-event, “I attend at least a couple of business and personal development conferences a year, and can be very critical of workshops. I have to find value in investing my time. I was blown away with the quality of the content and the people at the CCLF. Throughout the three days I was writing madly during speaker sessions, exchanging reactions and ideas at each meal, and concept-mapping and connecting dots every morning and night. I left with more clarity on my responsibility and role as a business owner in creating a caring workplace culture and communicating our story more effectively both within and outside the walls of my organization.”

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For those of you who couldn’t make it to the Forum this year, we’ve gathered some of our favorite highlights — poignant moments captured by photographer Caitlin Eddolls, bite-size insights shared on Twitter, and attendee testimonials that are already pouring in and making our hearts here at Conscious Company Media so grateful and full… and ready to raise the bar even higher for next year. See you in 2020!

Leaders Forum Snapshots

For insight from Nathan Havey, take a gander at the numerous articles he’s written for Conscious Company.

At Barry-Wehmiller, Bob Chapman’s Truly Human Leadership has created a new paradigm for success for nearly 12,000 employees. Learn more about how this multi-billion-dollar company wins by caring for its workers.

“The Conscious Company Leaders Forum is a truly unique opportunity to connect with people who are actively working towards a world in which business is a force for good. I’ve always thought that when you attend a conference, if 50% of the content is valuable or useful, that’s pretty good. After attending the Forum, I know that it’s possible to create an event where all the content has value.”

— 2019 Leaders Forum attendee

If you haven’t yet heard the buzz around TRU Colors Brewing Co., it’s time you did. We’ll all be saying, “We knew them when.”

“The Forum offered me hope for our future, a new community, and a renewed sense of purpose in life.”

— 2019 Leaders Forum attendee

Tara-Nicholle Nelson, Founder and CEO of SoulTour, talks about tapping into our inner wisdom. (Caitlin Eddolls Photography)

Soak up Nelson’s abundant wisdom with her five tips for unlocking leadership potential and cultivating genius in others, and then check out her episode of the World-Changing Women Podcast.

Attendees are invited by Nelson to write and then share their “Game of Thrones” names. The self-empowerment in the room is palpable. (Caitlin Eddolls Photography)

“There are many conferences to choose from in a year. But the Conscious Company Leaders Forum is different. It brings together great minds, kind hearts, and people who are generous enough to share what they know, while having the humility to admit what they don’t know, and are open to learning from each other. There is space for everyone here. It feeds the mind and the soul…”

— 2019 Leaders Forum attendee

Leaders Forum attendees line up for a book signing with Kip Tindell, Co-founder and Chairman of The Container Store. (Caitlin Eddolls Photography)

Kip Tindell and The Container Store team built an incredible workplace culture by embracing wellness in the workplace.  Tindell, along with Raj Sisodia, Co-founder of Conscious Capitalism, and Valerie Red-Horse Mohl, Executive Director of Social Venture Circle, gathered on a panel at this year’s Leaders Forum to have a deep, philosophical conversation about the ultimate purpose of business should be as we look into the future.

Haley Rushing shared her personal journey from doing to being at this year’s Forum, and helped attendees answer questions like, “How do we enjoy life while working to change the world?”

Haley Rushing and Raj Sisodia co-authored an article on how to create a compelling purpose for your business — check it out to get clear(er) on your business’s reason to be.

Leaders Forum attendees gather to chat with speakers. (Caitlin Eddolls Photography)

“If you are an entrepreneur, a leader, or someone who cares about our world and how we relate to one another, you will walk away from this forum with so much inspiration and hope. I found myself amongst a tribe of individuals who are not only like-minded but of the same heart and spirit. After listening to a group of us talking on the way to the airport, our Uber driver asked if we were coming from a family reunion. We laughed and told him that we had just met and had had only two-and-a-half days together. I suppose it was a lot like a family reunion in that it felt like coming home. Imagine being in a room filled with people who want to make an impact on our planet and other people’s lives and then listening to speakers who reaffirm your beliefs and fuel your fire. I couldn’t have been more grateful.”

— 2019 Leaders Forum attendee

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