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Meet Issue 22: The Return on Racial Equity

Vanessa Childers April 1, 2019

This issue of Conscious Company focuses on people of color in the conscious business space, from founders of incredible mission-driven companies to business leaders asking pivotal questions about (and providing leading-edge solutions to) the racial wealth gap, white privilege, and factors for optimal business performance. In addition to our inaugural list of Game-Changing Founders of Color, we explore inquiries like, How can we close the racial wealth gap?, Why are some people so resistant to inclusion?, Can investment capital end racism?, and Are refugees and migrants the future of the global workforce? 

While we hope you find this issue powerful, thought-provoking — even uncomfortable — it is important to note that this isn’t the end of the conversation. We have made a commitment to continue featuring as many founders, business leaders, and thought leaders of color as possible within our print and digital scope, as well as foster a longer conversation about the best ways to ensure racial equity in business and society at large.

We’ll be posting most of the articles from this issue online within the coming weeks; in the meantime, you can also become a Conscious Company member for ongoing access to the print and digital magazine or buy a copy of this print issue in a local store.

Read on for more about what’s inside.

Issue 22: What’s Inside

Editor’s Note

The Case for Capitalization
The journey toward the decision to capitalize Black and White in Conscious Company Media’s style guide — and how it represents making tough decisions by considering the perspectives those decisions affect. 

The Findings

The Great Divide
By Dedrick Asante-Muhammad & Chuck Collins
The enormous racial wealth divide in the United States is pulling down median wealth for all Americans. How do we fix it? 

Return On Equity
By Michael Whelchel
The numbers don’t lie: diversity is a competitive differentiator.


What Is Your White-Privilege Footprint?
By Brian Sherwin
We might make more progress on institutional racism by treating it like another overwhelming problem: climate change.

The Biology of Belonging
by Rajkumari Neogy
We are all wired with a desire to feel connected. So how does it sometimes go wrong?

The Future

20 Game-Changing Founders of Color
Inspiring entrepreneurs committed to addressing social and global issues related to racial equity.

The Awesome Potential of Refugees and Migrants In the Global Workforce
By Thane Kreiner
Social enterprises are discovering the working to help global refugees, asylum-seekers, and survivors of human trafficking find dignified livelihoods makes economic sense.

Can Investment Capital End Racism, Sexism, and Classism?
By Rachel Zurer and Mary Mazzoni
Rodney Foxworth, executive director of the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies, thinks investment capital can change the world.

Happy reading!

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