7 Ideas to Make Your Next Team-Building Event Stand Out

Tony Atwell April 26, 2019

Corporate team-building events more than a chance for you to present information about your company. They also give you the ability to promote creativity, boost morale, and create a more driven team.

When employees feel engaged in their work, the company becomes a better place and your culture grows. The trick is to plan and execute corporate events that are not only creative, but also benefit your company.

 Here are seven ideas you can use as a conscious business leader to take your team-building to the next level.

1. Complete a community service project. Many companies pay their employees to volunteer for a certain number of days each year. When your company gives back to the community together, it helps to unite your employees as a team by connecting everyone in working toward a common goal. A few ideas include hosting a skill workshop, restoring a community garden space, or clearing trash from the highway. Service projects, including the next two items on this list, are not only great for team-building, but also for your company’s reputation.

2. Volunteer with animals as a team. Everyone loves animals, which makes a community service idea that involves volunteering at a local animal shelter or rescue organization a great idea. Take a day or one day a week as a company to volunteer.

3. Donate time to the local food bank. Food banks and kitchens often receive help during the holiday season. But the holidays aren’t the only time of the year when these organizations need an extra set of helping hands. Consider reaching out to your local food kitchens and food banks and then coordinate with your employees to find a time when they can volunteer together as a team.

4. Grow a company garden together. You may have heard that millennial and Generation Z employees have been pushing for greener workplaces, including company gardens. That’s a good thing. Company gardens are attractive to passersby, potential employees, and investors. They also build teamwork between employees by helping them work toward a common goal that isn’t directly work-related. You can boost your company’s reputation, too, by growing a vegetable garden and donating those vegetables to your local food bank.

5. Have some fun with the venue. Every company has hosted their corporate events in the lobby of their workplace or in a hotel. Consider having some fun with the venue at your next corporate event. Unique museums, art galleries, campsites, or even the local zoo can be interesting choices that help with switch things up. Creative venue spaces expose your employees to new sites they might not have gone to see on their own, which later boosts creativity and focus in the workplace.

6. Create a treasure hunt. It can be difficult to build a sense of camaraderie between your employees if your company is on the larger size. The good news is you don’t need to bring your entire workforce together all at once to build that connection between co-workers. You can send your employees on a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt, instead. Treasure hunts are a fun way to get your employees to visit other departments around the building or campus where they can meet people they haven’t met before.

7. Host a fundraiser competition. Fundraiser competitions are both a win for your community and for your company because they’re great engagement opportunities for employees. Break your employees into teams to raise funds for charitable causes. Use the competition as the theme for a company event later on when you announce the winning team. You can even take it one step further by inviting the receiving charities and local press to the event.

Don’t let your team-building events become boring information sessions. By turning your events into fun, unique, and charitable activities, you can boost your company morale and your reputation all in one go.

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