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6 Ways to Improve the Diversity of Your Workplace

Emma Williams August 17, 2019

Diversity is considered a strength in any work environment. Getting several different perspectives allows your team to tackle problems in many different ways. The culture of your workplace influences cooperation and teamwork, which is why it’s key that it’s adapted towards diversity and openness. Make use of some of these changes and you can be sure that your workplace will thrive as a cultural melting pot of productive and amicable individuals.

1. Define what diversity means to you.

Before you start investing in the diversity of your company, you first need to benchmark it. What are you trying to achieve when recruiting new employees? Is it a variety of talent that you’re looking for? How do you quantify inclusion when you decide who to hire? These are just some of the many questions you need to ask yourself before you start creating a more diverse workplace culture.

2. Always be learning.

Education is a big part of being able to work in and thrive in a diverse workplace. It’s especially important when it comes to company leadership. Humans are full of inherent biases and prejudices that keep them from fully cooperating with their fellow man; this tendency can be a real hurdle in the workplace.

Take proactive steps in order to prevent any issues in terms of communication or cooperation with their culturally diverse workers. Educate yourself with the use of work seminars that cover the topic. On the other hand, introducing yourself to diverse cultures and becoming more accepting is another great way to learn how to creating a thriving diverse workforce.

3. Listen to your employees.

A good business leader needs to know how to communicate with their team members. A huge part of communication? That it’s a two-way street. When you discuss changes in the workplace, you need to be able to listen to different perspectives. Meeting the needs of your employees is difficult but necessary.

Consider having a town-hall type of meeting every once in a while, where everyone can speak up and voice their opinions and concerns. This way, you’re going to get the relevant input that you need to hear and everyone else can chime in on any side of a conflict. Being able to listen to your employees will make them feel appreciated in the workplace.

4. Create resource groups.

Even with a diverse workplace, there will still be groups that share similar interests, goals, and problems. Emphasize the importance of sharing ideas and challenges.

Consider creating resource groups for your team. These groups would encourage employees to discuss their roles in the workspace and how they can see improvements in communication from both themselves and management. Then they can voice their opinions to management, who have the authority to improve on inclusivity and understanding.

5. Adapt the workspace.

Consider the comfort factor of your workplace. Quality seating is something everyone can agree on, but what form should it take? For some, high-quality office chairs might do the trick. Others prefer seating like exercise balls and comfortable lift chairs, which are good for posture. Some cultures emphasize the importance of introducing a safe space for meditation and prayers. Other cultures might have a workout room adjacent to the workspace, which allows them to let off some steam.

6. Get clear on your company’s goals.

Every company needs to have some clear-cut goals before they focus on anything else. When you’re working with a diverse set of talented individuals, you need to be on the same page with them. Communicating these goals will allow everyone to adapt and give their best possible work towards achieving them.


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