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Seven Stories About the New Economy from Dumbo Feather

SOCAP August 28, 2019

To help you prepare for the conversations that will be taking place at SOCAP19 we asked our media partners to curate a selection of stories they have published that focus on one of today’s most important topics in the impact space. This week’s suggested reading comes from Dumbo Feather magazine.At Dumbo Feather we’re passionate about a new economy, one that serves both people and the planet, where businesses are motivated by purpose as well as profit.
When you look closely at almost every challenge we face today, whether it’s climate change or poverty or our deepening sense of isolation from one another, you’ll see the economy as we know it is impacting it.
We wanted to dedicate an entire issue of our magazine to exploring the creation of a new economy. Issue 55 sought to dismantle the economic systems we’ve grown accustomed to and illuminate the responsibility we have to write the next chapter so that all life can flourish.
We want to share with you some of the wisest, most perceptive hearts and minds of our time who are shepherding us out of a culture of competing self-interests and vacuous growth and into one that fosters generosity to each other and deeper connection to the planet.
At Dumbo Feather we like to have conversations with extraordinary people, here’s some just for you.

Muhammad Yunus Revolutionised Banking

“What if you could harness the power of the free market to solve the problems of poverty, hunger and inequality?”
Professor Yunus is a Bangladeshi social entrepreneur who founded Grameen, one of the first microfinance banks which makes loans to the poor without requiring collateral.

David Suzuki is a Force of Nature

“The economy is a human construct, we invented it. We can change the rules of the economy. We can’t change the rules of ecology. Those are nature’s laws.”
David suggests that our relationship and willingness to serve the economy is unhealthy and off balance. He argues that our dealings with economy are violating the principles of sustainability.

Konda Mason has Love Capital

“We have given our power to money. And money is what we think makes us powerful. And what’s powerful is our time with each other. What’s powerful is the time I spend with you.”
Konda shares her vision for a world that is environmentally regenerative, spiritually fulfilling, socially just and economically equitable.

What is Your Vision for the Next Economy

In this video we ask some of our past and present profiles, including Charles Eisenstein, Joel Solomon, Jed Emerson, Michelle Long, Damon Gameau, Seth Godin and lots more; “What is your vision for the next economy?”

What is your vision for 'The Next Economy'?

Helena Norberg Hodge Podcast

As a young woman in 1975, Helena was invited to join a film crew travelling to Ladakh, a remote region on the Tibetan plateau, just as it was opening up to tourism and other Western influences. She talks about the heartbreaking changes she witnessed during that time, and challenges conventional ideas we may have around progress and development.
Above all, Helena advocates for an economy centred around community and the importance of carrying ancient wisdom into our future.

Happiness and the Sharing Economy

Maria Hannaford feels that the way to a more sustainable future is through our most natural instinct – the need to share. She discovers the environmental and psychological benefits to this sharing-is-caring commerce.

Radical Reciprocity

For over a decade, Erin Axelrod has cultivated a community that supports her most essential human needs; food, shelter, education, with limited exchange of money. She calls it radical reciprocity. That left her with the question; what do I do with the money I earn now?
The more she engaged in radical reciprocity the more she believed it can move us closer towards an abundance economy.

Read more about creating the next economy from the likes of Kate Raworth, Charles Eisenstein, Professor Dan Ariely, Don Shaffer, Helena Norberg-Hodge, and Michelle Long, in Dumbo Feather Issue 55.
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