The Transformative Power of Mindful Travel for Conscious Business Leaders

Vanya Lazarova September 5, 2019

Being in business is a challenge in and of itself. It’s not easy to grow a business, make it sustainable and profitable, and operate in alignment with conscious-business practices. If you believe and support the new definition of success — where the focus is on profits, people, and planet — then you know it’s not an easy undertaking to make it all happen.

Nevertheless, we’re seeing more and more entrepreneurs and leaders operate with a strong belief in doing well by doing good. There is a positive change in the philosophy of business, slowly moving away from the traditional mainstream focus of power and influence. As the new vision of success is gaining traction, there are still a lot of challenges conscious leaders face daily, having to courageously affirm their stance and keep the collective long-term goal at the forefront.

Driving change on a global scale is a big initiative that requires a lot of grit, determination, and support. It’s crucial to be able to find and maintain sustainable inspiration and stay connected to the mission and vision of a more environmentally friendly and socially just world.

In these times of challenge, when you’re not only focusing on making a difference on the ground in front of you, but thinking and working towards creating a global positive impact, it could be easy to feel alone. Staying connected on a local level, going to community events, and keeping in touch with like-minded leaders, and advocating is definitely a way to keep the momentum and energy high — but there is an even more powerful way to stay engaged. A way through which we can tap into a deeper force for transformation drawn from harnessing the collective energy.

Wondering what that might be?

Close your eyes and think about some of the strongest memories you keep. I’m sure you’d agree that they’ve been locked in your mind through powerful experiences. A deep, engulfing, charged happening that left you energized and full of ideas, with a strong drive to go back and double down on your creative efforts.

This was not your average experience, but the experience of purpose-driven adventure and travel.

This is much more than just visiting unique destinations, retreating to yoga and wellness, or simply acquiring new experiences.

Purpose-driven adventure is one that considers all together the effect travelers have on the destination, as well as the effects on them personally and as a collective.

Adventure has the unique capacity to push your boundaries and challenge your comfort zone on all levels: physical, mental, and spiritual. Powerful experiences in nature bring everyone closer on a deeper level — closer to themselves and what’s important to them, to the rest of the group, and most importantly closer to our home, Earth.

Knowing that everything in a community rises and falls on leadership, now imagine being surrounded by leaders from different walks of life, industries, and backgrounds. You experience first-hand the diversity of mindsets and unique challenges everyone faces in their respective country of residence, when it comes to social justice and environmental sustainability.

There is nothing more powerful than a group of conscious leaders from all over the world, sitting together to discuss global solutions, after a hike in nature where they observed the negative effects of traditional business practices on the environment and wildlife. Daily engagements in educational programming around leadership, climate change, and social impact are a part of the program that gives everyone the knowledge and resources to bring home thereafter.

Many people travel a lot, but along with the privilege that comes with discovering cultures and places comes the responsibility of making choices that preserve those experiences for future generations. Once created, that awareness is a powerful component that ignites engagement long after the trip is over. Participants then can stay inspired for sustained periods of time not only through the experience itself but also by the impact they’ve created together.

With travel that seeks to diminish negative environmental footprint, protect the earth, and benefit locals, travelers get to give back and truly leave a mark on the places they visit. That constitutes a special bond between the place itself and the visitors. Through the deep connections between people and places we create opportunities for awareness and exchange which wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

When leaders practice mindful travel by savoring each experience and immersing themselves in those experiences, they will want to go back again and again. In a world hungry for meaningful connection, travel in pursuit of purpose could be a force for transformation and positive global impact.

It mobilizes leaders to launch more sustainable causes and initiatives; it’s mindful and encompasses authentic experiences. It’s a win for all.

A wide range of initiatives you can participate in include reducing plastic waste, eco-friendly practices, protecting wildlife, conservation, planting trees, eating local foods and supporting local farmers, giving back to communities, and more.

Companies like The Explorer’s Passage exist to create immersive and powerful experiences and offer the opportunity to leaders to drive change while travelling. They partner with organizations such as Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots, Robert Swan’s 2041 Climateforce, leadership coaches, and sustainability experts.

Since leaders are often overwhelmed by endless business demands, having an organized experience serves as a platform that creates an effortless way to get involved in initiatives, learn, and grow in the most unique of environments.

At present, we hear a lot of talk about developing better corporate social responsibility strategies, and one of the ways to transform companies is to become intimate with the raw reality of the issues we’re facing.

Becoming a global impact leader requires a shift in consciousness, which could often be challenging. The key is getting leaders together to work towards bringing the rest of the world along, starting with their own companies and communities, to inspire others with the vision of a sustainable economy and a healthy ecosystem. It is only possible if we all begin to put the betterment of the planet and its people ahead of self-centered motives. It is up to each one of us to make a choice and cultivate an eco-friendly way of work and life. Let’s remember and take at heart Robert Swan’s words: “The greatest danger to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”

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