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Top 10 Reasons to Go to SOCAP19

SOCAP October 1, 2019

1. SOCAP brings together the largest and most diverse community of social entrepreneurs, investors, and leaders working to grow the market for impact.

We believe that lasting change can only be created when all perspectives are considered and actively involved in the process of creating solutions. SOCAP’s cross-sector approach sets us apart from other conveners. At SOCAP19, you will meet leading professionals from every corner of the global impact ecosystem. SOCAP18 drew 3100 attendees from 77 countries. Of those:

  • 25% were social enterprise professionals
  • 19% were capital providers and investors
  • 19% were NGOs, foundations, academia, and research
  • 14% were entrepreneurs
  • 13% played other roles (corporations, government, students, legal, media, artists, and makers, and consultants)
  • 9% were financial intermediaries and service providers

Learn more about Who Comes to SOCAP.

2. During SOCAP sessions, you’ll hear leading experts speak on the most vital issues at the intersection of money and meaning today.

3. Every SOCAP is an opportunity to meet a valuable stranger who can accelerate your work.

At SOCAP19, a conversation with the person in line next to you for coffee might result in a valuable relationship with a new investor, customer, collaborator, mentor, or partner. SOCAP cofounder Kevin Jones coined the phrase “valuable strangers” to describe the serendipitous encounters that happen so often at SOCAP.
A valuable stranger is someone you haven’t met or heard about, but when you meet that person you discover you share a vision for change and complementary strengths that will advance your work. To hear real stories of valuable strangers who met at SOCAP and went on to become unlikely allies that create incredible impact, listen to SOCAP’s podcast, Money + Meaning.

4. SOCAP19 attendees will have the opportunity to go on Braindates with other members of this community.

This year, for the first time ever, SOCAP is partnering with peer learning experts e180 to offer Braindates at SOCAP.  Braindate is a platform that facilitates experiential peer learning for communities. It will help you find and start conversations with other SOCAP attendees who share your interests or challenges for topic-driven, learning-focused conversations. It is a wonderful ice breaker and way of maximizing your networking time at SOCAP.
Here is how it works: Once you have registered for SOCAP19 go to to create your braindate profile, suggest topics of conversation, and schedule braindates with other attendees.
You can ask a question or offer your unique expertise to someone working on a challenge you care about. The Braindate Lounge in Festival Pavilion will be open throughout SOCAP19. Learning concierges, will be on hand facilitating in-person connections and collecting stories about the experience.
Learn how braindates will transform learning at SOCAP19.

5. You will be able to meet the world’s most innovative Social Entrepreneurs.

SOCAP reviews hundreds of scholarship applications every year and selects the most promising ventures from around the world.
Meet the impressive SOCAP19 Social Entrepreneur Scholarship recipients. You’ll have many opportunities throughout the conference to hear their stories and learn about their innovative solutions and business models.

6. The Marketplace at SOCAP19 will offer a variety of products that are creating social and environmental impact.

We have curated a variety of products that do good in the world to sell in our global marketplace, right in the heart of Festival Pavilion.
All of the items that will be available at the Marketplace come from social enterprises that were awarded scholarships to SOCAP19. You will have the opportunity to speak to the innovative entrepreneurs who offer these socially and environmentally responsible products.
To get an idea of the kinds of wares that will be available, take a look at our Socially Conscious Gift Guide featuring products from the SOCAP18 Marketplace.

7. The LatAm impact ecosystem and Indigenous Leaders are coming to SOCAP19.

The LatAm Lounge  will be a dedicated place for the LatAm impact ecosystem to come together in Festival Pavilion. Come participate in conversations and special sessions with entrepreneurs, investors, foundations, ecosystem mappers, and fund-of-funds whose work is focused in Latin America.
The Indigenous Lounge will be a gathering place in Festival Pavilion where attendees can engage in conversations with Indigenous social entrepreneurs and other supporting partners about how we can work together to create an Indigenous-led, regenerative economy.

8. The food is amazing.

SOCAP’s longtime caterer, Acre Gourmet, will be back again at SOCAP19 preparing delicious breakfasts, lunches, and snacks throughout the conference. Acre Gourmet is a socially and environmentally responsible catering company that sources healthy, organic ingredients from local farms that are free from pesticides, chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics. They prepare everything from scratch so the food tastes fresh and looks beautiful. Vegetarian, vegan, and grain free offerings are available at every meal.

9. SOCAP is fun!

SOCAP is not like any other impact investing event you’ve attended before. The experience is social, delightful, inspiring, and yes, fun. Extracurricular activities include our Welcome Reception on Tuesday night, yoga to start off each morning, Wednesday Wine Down and Film Screening, and our famous Food Truck Party on Thursday night featuring delicious food served from 17+ San Francisco food trucks, along with live bands and dancing.
If parties are not your thing, you’ll find many opportunities to strike up interesting conversations and enjoy quiet moments while gazing out at the San Francisco Bay and Golden Gate Bridge from Fort Mason. Think of SOCAP as a chance to meet and have fun with interesting and inspiring people who are working to make the world a better place.

10. This will be the best SOCAP ever.

We say this every year and every year it comes true. Come to SOCAP19 to see why this year will truly be the best SOCAP yet!
SOCAP19 will kick off on Tuesday, October 22nd at 1pm at The Fort Mason Center in San Francisco. Register for SOCAP19 to join the SOCAP community at our annual flagship conference.

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