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These Farm Co-Founders Are Passionate About Growing a Better Food System

Samantha Heacock November 19, 2019

In 1996, with a passion for organic farming and a youthful determination to change the food system, Andrew Stout and his wife Wendy Munroe leased a small plot of land — just five acres near North Bend, Washington —which grew into the 175 acres that they control today. Their first-generation organic farm, Full Circle Farm, currently owns 57 acres of the 137 acres at the home farm and leases an additional 40 acres nearby.

From the beginning, Andrew and Wendy embraced organic and sustainable agriculture as a way of life, an art, and a dedication to care for their land and community. In this interview, Andrew Stout reflects on his passion for a vibrant and healthy food system and how you can support your local farmer.

What makes Full Circle Farm unique?

Andrew Stout: One, it’s organic, and we take organic as a dirt-first mentality. You’ve really got to take care of the soil, and we feel our vegetables taste better, are better for you, and are grown with a high degree of integrity. Two, our farm is only 30 minutes from Seattle, and the proximity is really exciting.

We select the best varieties and choose the best growing practices. We go above and beyond to make sure your produce is field-fresh. From artichokes to zucchini, we grow 30 types of crops and over 100 varieties. We started with a mission to change the food system bunch-by-bunch, carrot-by-carrot, and doing more of that we want to grow more good food for more good people. We grow it, we select it … we pack it, we box it, we ship it, and you eat it. That is the essence. It takes it from farm to table.

How is your farm committed to stewardship and sustainability?

AS: Organic is an ethos, a way of taking care of the land, and it’s a way of growing. We want to make sure we leave the earth and the land and everything we do in a state better than it used to be. For us, it’s always about growing. Sure, it’s about soil and seed. It’s also about growing a better food system, a connection to land, and opportunities for organic and sustainable farms like ours.

Additionally, all our produce is third-party certified organic by the WSDA to USDA standards. Our farm’s agricultural practices are also Salmon-Safe Certified. Absolutely all of our seeds and produce are non-GMO (not genetically modified). Growing GMO-free is a very important component of our organic certification.

How can people connect to the farm?

AS: You can connect to our farm by enjoying our produce in our CSA box, delivered weekly or bi-weekly. You can also visit our farm on our Saturday Member Days. Several times a year, we host our members at the farm. This is where you can get to know us, see how your organic produce is grown and deepen the connection you have to your food. Come on out and experience what farm-to-table really means.

Getting deliveries of delicious, organic produce and artisan groceries couldn’t be easier. Go to fullcircle.com and follow the simple steps to select the box size that fits your family and the schedule that fits your lifestyle.

Each week we curate the best produce at the peak of flavor and send you an email or text to remind you to customize your order. Choose the produce you want, and shop for eggs, meat, and other wonderful whole food options if desired. And if you don’t like, or are allergic to, certain items, you can ask that we exclude certain produce items from your deliveries by adding them to your Never Send list. Deliveries are made overnight to reduce traffic congestion and save you a tedious trip to the store.

Full Circle Farms members share stories and photos on their Facebook and Instagram profiles.


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