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Meet the SPECTRUM 2020 Advisory Council

SOCAP February 18, 2020

On June 9-11, SOCAP will host the second annual SPECTRUM event at The Gathering Spot in Atlanta. For two days, SPECTRUM will convene multicultural changemakers for real conversations about the importance of creating an inclusive impact economy. Together, the SPECTRUM community will identify new pathways and necessary steps to build systems that support and drive capital to leaders of color and close the racial wealth gap.
Advisory Council member Latresa McLawhorn Ryan, who is the Executive Director of the Atlanta Wealth Building Initiative, said of the event, “SPECTRUM 2019 provided a safe space for both entrepreneurs and funders to openly and honestly discuss challenges that are unique to people of color as they strive to build successful enterprises, as well as opportunities that lie ahead to benefit the ecosystem as a whole when people of color are seen as vital participants in a healthy market. I was energized after sharing details about access to capital last year, and I am certain SPECTRUM 2020 will prove to be an amazing experience for all who attend this year.”
Partnerships that cross sectors, regions, and backgrounds are essential to building an inclusive community. Our Advisory Council represents the diversity of the global social impact ecosystem, with a focus on dynamic leaders addressing the racial wealth gap based locally in Atlanta as well as changemakers innovating regionally and nationally.
“There’s an urgent need for us to thoughtfully, creatively and collectively identify ways to address the challenges facing entrepreneurs, leaders and communities of color,” said SPECTRUM’s Content and Strategy Consultant Keisha Senter. “We are thrilled to have a dynamic team of cross-sector partners to chart out real ways we can work together to address the needs of the communities they work in and serve.”

Advisory Council Members

Jay Bailey
President and CEO, Russell Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (RCIE)

Courtney Counts
Chief Innovation Architect, Managing Dir. of Social Innovation & Impact at KTC

Liz Dozier
Founder and CEO, Chicago Beyond

Marissa Guananja
Program Officer Employment Equity, W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Latresa McLawhorn Ryan
Executive Director, Atlanta Wealth Building Initiative (AWBI)

Javier Torres-Campos
Director, Thriving Cultures Program, Surdna Foundation

Sarah M. Williams
Co-founder and CEO, Propel Capital

Ryan Wilson
Co-Founder and CEO, TGS Holdings (The Gathering Spot and A3C)

Joey Womack
Startup Labs Manager, WeWork Atlanta; Co-Founder and Executive Director, Goodie Nation

How the Advisory Council Will Shape SPECTRUM 2020

Input received from the Advisory Council will help ensure that SPECTRUM addresses and serves the needs of all stakeholders – entrepreneurs, investors, businesses and community leaders, and others who are working to increase access, inclusion, and impact. Advisory Council members are essential to the design, content and execution of SPECTRUM. We conduct a listening tour with each of our Council members to understand the needs of the broader community. In addition to their voices, they also recommend others in the ecosystem to engage, allowing SPECTRUM to bring the most relevant content, and broaden and deepen the circle of attendees to create change.

Join Us

We hope that you will add your voice to these important conversations about equity, access, inclusion, and impact at SPECTRUM in Atlanta, June 9 – 11, 2019. Learn more and register for SPECTRUM here.

Equity and Inclusion
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