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How Telling a Truer Story About Your Business Changes Our Culture

March 16, 2020

There are no signposts in the blue ocean of entrepreneurship that indicate whether you’re on the right track or not, opening a space for misinformation that you’re not doing it right, especially if your efforts don’t result in traction forward.

That’s because you’re not here to do business like everyone else. You are being invited to tell a truer story about your business based on its tenets that surpass and at the same time encompass the familiar in a way that is instantly recognizable by your customers without willful force or secret manipulation.

Your ability to speak this story in your chosen engagement channel invisibly and actively re-tones the thinking and actions of those around you, which ripple out to the people around them.

Marketing is a vital component of business, whether it’s your own or someone else’s, and the new way of doing business does so in a way that changes the world, starting with each engaged customer’s world.

The Business Dharma Wheel:
How to tell a truer story where one action hits many layers

This model blends all the layers of who you are so that the words you speak, your energy beneath them, and your call to action are one note that effectively pull in the decisions and line of action your business needs.

1. The truth of who you are is the center of the wheel.

You are not the details of your life like your job title, role in the family, or your 401(k) balance. You are more vast than what your intellectual mind sees in front of your eyes.

This part speaks to you everyday in every moment, in the most mundane objects, like a paperclip.

Chances are, this mundane object is out of sight and out of mind until you need it. You may have something in common with this if you know the feeling of not having your talents seen and recognized.

With that common connection point, what is the first thing you notice? Is it its form (simple, continuous) or function (holds things together, organization)?

Look deeper and see if you can find the parallel to your personal truth, your core genius of how you were made to show up in the world.

For instance, if holding things together is a form of control, then perhaps freedom is trying to get more visibility in life. Have all of your life experiences reached for this essence? Is this why you ultimately created your business? For more freedom in time, money, and quality of experiences and contributions?

Engage with this aspect of yourself and you will automatically lead your business from your core, naturally expressing yourself in whatever modality you choose or situation you are in that is unconsciously tethered.

You’ll stand strong in your vision without having to justify or validate it.

2. Build the wheel’s spokes by culling the golden thread that is every person’s story.

In your words, build the tenets of your wheel by finding the deep truth in your story, the one that stuns judgement long enough for you to be empowered to believe something else is possible.

This is the note that will strike the chord in those you are meant to work with.

These are the verbal business cards, the one-liners, that your customers are yearning to hear.

These are not a recycling of famous people’s quotes or scripted descriptions of your products and offerings.

These are your lines that give permission for others to feel that genuine truth in themselves.

These tenets focus your time and energy to automatically connect you with those you are more appropriate matched to than any form of data analysis can perform.

3. Let the wheel roll by taking your next best step.

Add to all the activities you currently do these dharma components and let it do its thing. Everything and everyone has a purpose and life-force of its own. The new way of achievement blends your intellectual and spiritual selves so that your success is something entirely different than what you have experienced before.

Believe this to be true and you will find the ally you’ve been searching for, the one that has been waiting to work with you to move you and your vision forward that is ultimately meant to uplift the world.

Intellectually, it’s inconceivable that this type of intelligence lines up favorable circumstances that fulfill you at multiple layers as you continue to take your next step forward — and yet, this is the only way that the nature of business can evolve beyond the model of “hard work pays off.”

Tell a truer story. Change the nature of business and let that change the narrative and culture we live in.

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