Meet the SPECTRUM Virtual Scholarship Entrepreneurs

SOCAP June 1, 2020

In partnership with Village Capital, Abaca, and The Intentionally Good Project/Goodie Nation, SPECTRUM Virtual will be bringing 35 innovative entrepreneurs to the event through our scholarship program. These founders will be joining the SPECTRUM Virtual community to connect with impact investors, network across industries, and make close connections with socially and environmentally-driven business leaders. We are encouraging each of these talented founders to share their unique perspectives on the challenges they face, the importance of closing the wealth gap, and what changes they would like to see to increase overall funding opportunities available to founders of color. 

The Founders

Rodney Sullivan The Purple Pickle Factory Enterprises
Skye Lei Sol Stories
Pierre Thiam Yolélé Foods
Sergio Figueredo Choco4Peace
Mike Mitchell Acari
Shadana Chaney Miranda Chaney Petite Wear
George Crichlow Kynsho
Mariden Lord MYFL Brands
D.A. Bullock Bully Creative Shop
Micah Kessel Playground of Empathy
Cyrus Julian Zonez
Garry Johnson First Founder’s Accelerator
Tanay Tatum-Edwards FreeCap Financial
Kiley Summers SpenDebt
Bryon Pierson EduRAIN
Asha Owens BestFit
Yasmin Ali Skillspire
Bethaney Wilkinson The Diversity Gap
Hamzat Koriko African Arts Arena
Farrukh Siddiqui Defynance
Marcus Blackwell Make Music Count
Reginald Parker Optimal Technology Corporation
Emmanuel Bukenya Anuel Energy
Patricia Lopez NotesFirst
Jin Lee BabyNoggin
Sanna Gaspard Rubitection
Liam Adair Wholesome Healing Consultants
Kemba Hall HairSense
Tracey Moore Anchoring Hopes
Kay Contreras Novela
Mica Le John 2SWIM
Davion Ziere Origyn
Elise Smith Praxis Labs
Crystal Houston Citefull
Dickson Wambua Cloudsyte

We congratulate all of the selected SPECTRUM Virtual Scholarship Entrepreneurs. Each of these innovators will have the opportunity to participate in the full SPECTRUM Virtual event free of cost, tell their story of impact to the SPECTRUM community, participate in a dedicated training to help them tell their stories, and participate in investor meet-ups for small group conversations. June 10th at 12:30PM SPECTRUM attendees can hear these innovators talk about their ventures as part of SPECTRUM’s Entrepreneur Demo day. 

Please join SPECTRUM Virtual, June 9 – 11, 2020, to meet these inspiring entrepreneurs and learn how to support their work

Want to make a bigger impact? Help bring more people to the conversation at SPECTRUM Virtual! Learn how you can Pay it Forward and broaden this community.   PAY IT FORWARD

Equity and Inclusion
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