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How America is Suffering with Rashad Robinson, Crystal Echo Hawk, and Cynthia Muller

SOCAP June 11, 2020


Rashad Robinson, Crystal Echo Hawk, & Cynthia Muller spoke at SPECTRUM on How America is Suffering.


Rashad Robinson is President of Color Of Change, a leading online racial justice organization. Driven by 1.7 million members working to build political and cultural power for Black communities, Color Of Change is creating a more human and less hostile world for all people in America. Color Of Change uses an innovative combination of technology, research, media-savvy and local community engagement to build powerful movements and change the industries that affect Black people’s lives: in Silicon Valley, Hollywood, Wall Street, Washington, prosecutor offices, capitol hills and city halls around the country. Rashad has led the organization in developing cutting-edge strategies to accelerate reform in the criminal justice system and win justice for its victims, increase electoral participation, cut off corporate support for right-wing organizations, and change the representation of Black people and social issues in news and entertainment media.
Crystal Echo Hawk (Pawnee) is the founder and CEO of IllumiNative. Throughout Crystal’s career, she has been a respected, passionate and successful advocate for the rights of Native Americans with a special emphasis on Native children and educating philanthropy and different sectors of the American public to help transform public perceptions of tribes and Native peoples. Through her company, Echo Hawk Consulting, she and her team have worked to create new platforms, narratives, strategies, and investments that can help to catalyze transformational change for and by Native Americans. Crystal was recently recognized by the National Center for American Indian Economic Development as its 2018 “Native American Woman Business Owner of the Year.”
Cynthia Muller is the director, mission investments at the W.K. Kellogg Foundation based out of Battle Creek, Mich. She is the Director of the Mission Driven Investments team at the foundation. In this role, she is responsible for developing and managing strategic impact investment activities that address systemic barriers that create vulnerable conditions for historically marginalized communities and children. Her work includes sourcing and deploying market-rate investments to increase social change impact; ongoing analysis of solutions and trends; developing relationships within the field; fostering alliances with community, corporate, government and philanthropic partners; and supporting the overall direction and implementation of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s strategic framework.

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