SPECTRUM Urgent Action Panel with David Jakubowski, Pamela Alexander, Michelle Arlington, and Marissa Guananja

SOCAP June 9, 2020


Panelists discuss the need for urgent action by creating positive change and supporting a just and inclusive economy at SPECTRUM.

David Jakubowski
A Silicon Valley expert with stints at Facebook, Microsoft, and 3 of his own companies. His focus over the past several years has been on small business, customer acquisition, and bridging the gap of digital expertise, helping to democratize the economic opportunity of the internet.

Pamela Alexander
Director of Community Development for Ford Motor Company Fund, the philanthropic arm of Ford Motor Company. In this position, she is responsible for implementing Ford Fund’s community development and outreach initiatives with key communities and organizations throughout the U.S. These include the African American, Arab and Jewish communities. She also directs Ford Fund’s grants related to automotive safety education and health initiatives. Since 2004, Ford Fund has dedicated over 300 million to educational initiatives, cultural sponsorship’s and performing arts programs across the nation.

Michelle Arrington
Michelle joined the State & Local Government Affairs group at Verizon in December 2019. She is responsible for helping to develop and implement Verizon’s community engagement tactics and content in support of the company’s goals and objectives while building relationships with local municipal policy makers across metro Atlanta and Georgia.
Marissa Guananja – Moderator
Program officer for Family Economic Security at the W.K. Kellogg Foundation in Battle Creek, Michigan. In this role as a member of the Family Economic Security team, Guananja is responsible for identifying and nurturing opportunities for affecting positive systemic change within communities aimed at creating conditions in which children can develop, learn and grow. She works closely with staff to ensure integration and coordination of efforts.

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