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SPECTRUM Virtual: Highlights and Resources to Build Equity, Access, and Inclusion

Mandy Gardner June 23, 2020
SPECTRUM Virtual brought together an inspiring community of powerful voices working to end systemic racism, close the racial wealth gap, and build an inclusive impact economy. If you weren’t able to join us, you can watch videos of SPECTRUM Virtual sessions here now. We encouraged participants to share their insights and resources they have used to gain knowledge or advance their work. We’ve collected some of these highlights and resources shared by the SPECTRUM Virtual community. 


If you want to keep the conversation going on Twitter, SPECTRUM Virtual attendee Carlos Rodarte started a SPECTRUM Virtual Twitter list that you can follow. 

Resources to Build Equity, Access, and Inclusion

The following articles, tools, and online resources were shared by SPECTRUM Virtual attendees through the mainstage chat. 


How to Support SPECTRUM Entrepreneurs

SPECTRUM Virtual brought 35 innovative entrepreneurs to the event through our scholarship program. You’ll find their names and the names of their ventures here with links to their websites. Make an impact by investing in their work. 
Do you know other innovators whose work we should be supporting? Nominate them to be included in this year’s 20 Game-Changing Founders of Color Annual List.

Next Steps

The conversations we started at SPECTRUM Virtual will continue. To hear about future SPECTRUM events, relevant sessions at SOCAP Virtual, and SOCAP 365 events featuring conversations on impact, access, and inclusion, please sign up for SOCAP’s email newsletter.



Equity and Inclusion
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