Announcing the SOCAP24 Agenda — Going Deeper: Catalyzing Systems Change!

Announcing SOCAP Open Selections for SOCAP Virtual

SOCAP Global August 3, 2020

The votes have been counted and our content team has made their final decisions. We received over 350 proposals this year and have selected 73 SOCAP Open submissions for presentation at SOCAP Virtual. This year’s SOCAP Open sessions include interactive workshops, fireside chats, panels, a few debates, and other alternative formats. Plus, we have created dedicated time for Community Engagement and Networking formats. 
As always, we are grateful to all of you who sent in your session ideas and to everyone who voted and commented on proposals. Your thoughts, ideas, and creative session formats really help to shape the overall content that will be presented at SOCAP Virtual. With the fast-moving pace of the world today, we are committed to presenting the most timely and crucial topics for SOCAP conversations at our flagship event and year-round. 
This year we are adding a new element: SOCAP Next.
Directly following SOCAP we will put up sessions that will help you, your organizations, and communities take things to the next action step and/or go deeper in your learning and discovery. Some of our SOCAP Open sessions will be a part of SOCAP Next. 
Stay tuned for speakers and more schedule details coming soon! 

Selected Sessions to Be Presented at SOCAP Virtual 

Congratulations to the top 3 vote winners selected for SOCAP Open this year! 

  • Sprout Enterprise, Ellen Fish, The New Frontier of Entrepreneurship & Impact Investment: Reimagining the Potential of the Artisan Sector
  • International Venture Philanthropy Center (IVPC), Paul Carttar, Driving Radical Change Around the World by Enfranchising Social Investors in the Global South
  • FSG, Laura Amaya, Who Owns Social Enterprises? Moving from Beneficiaries to Shareholders.

And congratulations to the rest of our SOCAP Open selections!

  • rePurpose Global, Svanika Balasubramanian, Innovating Ocean Finance: Perspectives from 4 Capital Providers 
  • Foundation for Climate Restoration, Rick Parnell, Climate Restoration: The key to Solving Climate Change by Addressing the 95% of CO2 that Not Enough People are Talking About
  • Imagine H2O, Kelly Trott, For real tho #ClimateChangeisWaterChange
  • Brandsway Creative, Jenna Stingone, Driving Fashion Forward: Co-creating a Stylish and Sustainable World
  • Acumen, Alexandra Trabulsi, Innovative Relief Funds to Save the SDGs: Energy Access Relief Fund
  • Maycomb Capital, Shelby Kohn, Workforce Development During the COVID-19 Recovery Using Outcomes Financing: Career Pathways in Construction
  • Social Finance, Smitha Das, The Role of Catalytic Capital in Unlocking Pathways to Economic Mobility in a Pandemic
  • Warc Africa, Emiliano Mroue, The Future of Work for the Bottom Billion: Transforming Subsistence Farmers’ Role in Africa
  • Upaya Social Ventures, Kate Cochran, Build Back Better: Fueling An Inclusive, Good Jobs Recovery
  • swrm, Chrystal Gilkes, Cocktails for Climate Action!
  • ChiFresh Kitchen, Camille Kerr, Charting a new path for economic recovery and racial justice through worker ownership
  • Grand Challenges Canada, Nicole Bardikoff, Investing in Mental Health: How to address critical gaps and higher needs
  • UnitedHealthcare Community & State, Nicole Truhe, Expanding and Diversifying Your Investor Pool: Partnering to Improve Health Outcomes in Communities
  • Pacific Community Ventures, Jessica Pedersen, Collaborative Approaches to Financing Equitable, Resilient Food Systems
  • Abt Associates, April Warren, How can we scale social enterprises that are adapting to covid-19 and transforming health care in developing countries?
  • SJF Ventures, Emma Sissman, What Companies Get Right (and Wrong) in their DEI Efforts
  • ImpactAssets, Timothy Freundlich, Unlocking CDFIs as an Emergency Response System for Communities and People of Color
  • CASE at Duke, Kimberly Langsam, Who Determines What Gets Measured and How? Embedding an Equity & Inclusion Lens in Your Data Efforts.
  • TechSoup, Dara Westling, Investing for Equity
  • Capital Impact Partners, Elizabeth Day, Catalyzing Finance for Racial Equity
  • Dine Diaspora, Nina Oduro, From Reckoning to Equity: Inclusive Investing in the Food and Beverage Industry
  • IFF, Yi Wei, Redefining “risk”: Dismantling systemic racism in the underwriting and due diligence process
  • The Chicago Community Trust, Elizabeth Weber, Who Decides? The Importance of Sharing and Shifting Power to Achieve Community Impact
  • Namati, Sonia Park, Respecting Communities’ Rights Throughout the Investment Cycle: Experiences of communities and role of responsible investors
  • NESsT, Nicole Etchart, Pivoting to Sustain and Empower Women During Covid-19
  • GIIN, Katrina Ngo, The R3 Coalition: A global response to a global crisis
  • TechSoup, Elizabeth Kountze, Emerging Models for Sustainability and Resilience in Recovery from the Impacts of COVID
  • Convergence, Joan Larrea, Creating Better Structures for Better Resiliency
  • FUSE Corps, Caitlin Lee, Spurring Innovative Economic Growth Before & After COVID-19
  • Artha Impact (Rianta Capital), Audrey Selian, Small States: Creative Social Innovation and Financing for Sustainable and Resilient Well-Being
  • Jobs for the Future, David Soo, Reimagining the Education-to-Work Ecosystem
  • Indigenous Innovation Initiative, Marissa Hill, Unpacking Indigenous Social Impact Measurement
  • 60 Decibels, Sasha Dichter, Listening to Those Who Matter, When it Matters Most: Impact Measurement During COVID-19
  • Social Finance, Hemali Bhashyam, Unlocking Donor-Advised Funds for Greater Good: Myths of Impact Investing through DAFs
  • Solidaridad Network, Libby Daghlian, Pay for Impact: Democratizing impact through digital interventions
  • Conscious Growth, Julia Profeta Johansson, Investing in Female Entrepreneurs: A Social Issue or an Economic Opportunity?
  • Invest for Better at TPI, Ellen Remmer, How Women Can Help Shape the Future of Impact Investing
  • Toniic, Dipti Pratt, How can impact investing lead us into a more equitable and inclusive future?
  • Unreasonable Group, Seema Alibhai, The Odd Couple: The Power of Unlikely Partnerships
  • Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, Patrick Briaud, Designing an Impact Investing Portfolio: Moving from Why to How
  • Centre for African Social Entrepreneurship (CASE), Kojo Parris, The Social Entrepreneurial State, a Model for Developing Nations?
  • Skoll Foundation, Jessica Fleuti, Reform or Revolution? How to Unbreak the Economy
  • Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship, Alex Pan, -99% to 0% Return: The Untapped Market and how Recoverable Grants can Fund the Missing Middle
  • Eidos Global, Lucia Burtnik, Go to Your Room! Exploring the Puzzle of Learning and Working in the 21st Century
  • Imagine H2O, Tom Ferguson, #H2Ogotsometalentbrewing – NextGen Impact in Water
  • Free Money, Sloane Ortel, Free Money Live: How Long-Term Investors can Change The World
  • Moore Philanthropy, Yvonne Moore, Asset Management’s Failure to Engage Communities of Color in the Management and Deployment of Assets
  • Propel Capital, Katya Levitan-Reiner, From the Kitchen to the C-suite: Reimagining Worker Education for a New Economy
  • Growth Capital Network, Lauren Bigelow, Reinventing Innovation in Rural Areas: Micropolitan Economic Development
  • UN Joint SDG Fund, Massimiliano Riva, Moving the Impact Frontier in Frontier Markets: Co-creating a Pipeline in Developing Countries
  • Pacific Community Ventures, Justin Fier, Calling All Impact Investors: Let’s Pledge to Better Measure and Manage Negative Impact
  • Impact Capital Managers, Annie Olszewski, Immediate v. Systemic Change
  • Hope Credit Union, Robbye Good, Where do We Go from Here? Corporate Investment in Economic Justice
  • Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship, Spencer Arnold, Village Voices: The intersection of Faith, Service, Humanity, and the Environment
  • Living Cities, Santiago Carrillo, Moving Towards Equitable Recovery: The Case for Investing in Black and Brown Fund Managers
  • NDN Collective, Nikki Love, Integrated Capital: It’s not Business as Usual in Indian Country
  • MovingWorlds, Mark Horoszowski, Helping Social Enterprise Build Partnerships with the Corporate Sector
  • The Determined, Marc O’Brien, Bold ways to Invent the Future
  • MIT Solve, Casey van der Stricht, A Puzzle Without Corners: Portfolio Construction + Alternative Instruments
  • Humanity Lab Foundation, Jessica Borich, Unlocking Human Capital: Creating a Care-Economy to close the $2.5 Trillion Annual Development Deficit
  • MicroMentor, Emily Joy, Resilience and the Role of Social Capital: A Virtual Mentoring Session Facilitated by MicroMentor
  • Toniic, Kim Griffin, Investor Wine Down: Preparing to Turn Insights to Action
  • Abacus Wealth Partners, Brent Kessel, It’s Black and White!!
  • Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), Anna Smukowski, Community Development Financial Institutions and the Capital Markets: Tapping Impact Investors
  • Village Capital, Ben Wrobel, Exploring A New Normal: Making Investment Decisions Under Extreme Uncertainty
  • Acumen, Alexandra Trabulsi, Moving Toward Inclusive Capitalism
  • Toniic, Richard Muller, A Capital Idea for our Times
  • Impact Capital Managers, Annie Olszewski, Accountability in Impact Measurement and Management
  • B Lab, Andy Fyfe, Using Business as a Force for Good Builds Resilience through Crisis
  • Propel Capital, Katya Levitan-Reiner, Narrative Change in a Changing America
  • US Impact Investing Alliance, Fran Seegull, Private Capital, Public Good

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