August 17, 2020

Announcing the 2020 SOCAP Virtual Scholarship Entrepreneur Winners

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Every year, SOCAP grants over 100 scholarships to social entrepreneurs from all over the globe. This year marks the first virtual SOCAP Scholarship cohort in our program’s history. Due to COVID-19, entrepreneurs will be joining the conference, along with other attendees virtually. While meeting in-person is a very different experience than joining a conference virtually, we are working on innovative ways to support our entrepreneurs in their virtual experience to help them receive the most out of SOCAP. We will continue some of these new virtual support initiatives even once SOCAP returns to an in-person flagship event. 
Some of the new initiatives we are implementing  for our virtual entrepreneur cohort include:  

  • Free access to the new Abaca platform by Village Capital,  a matchmaking platform for entrepreneurs and investors to connect virtually.
  • Additional orientation webinars for the entrepreneurs to get to know one another leading up to the conference in October, and hear from expert guest speakers. Speakers will cover topics such as: choosing the right investor for their venture, thinking about digital storytelling for their venture and finding a variety of sources of capital (human, financial, etc) during SOCAP.
  • More online resources for their orientation folder and video recordings to help them navigate our new virtual platform.
  • More opportunities to present their ventures virtually to the SOCAP community through digital storytelling, presentations and conversations. 
  • We continue to add tools and resources as we approach SOCAP to provide additional support. 


Our Cohort This Year

We received over 300 applications for the SOCAP Entrepreneur Scholarship, of which we accepted a cohort of 111 entrepreneurs. For the first time as part of our scholarship program SOCAP, in partnership with Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA), welcomes a cohort of artist entrepreneurs, with a particular focus on artists of color who are creating enterprises and impact in their communities. We look forward to introducing this cohort of scholarship entrepreneurs to the SOCAP community in a dedicated blog post in the coming weeks. 
We are excited to introduce you to this year’s entrepreneurs representing incredible solutions to pressing social, cultural, and environmental problems from across the globe! 

Scholarship Entrepreneurs Winners

First Name Last Name  Venture Geographic Focus
Jenny Nuccio Imani Collective Africa
Chidi Nwaogu Publiseer Africa
MacGregor Lennarz Lily Health Africa
Linda Kamau Malian Agri-Business Solutions Africa
Samlara Baah Loo Works Africa
Bernard Brian Cudjoe Eazywaste Ghana Limited Africa
Linda Wamune Econome Africa
Aghan Oscar Green Pavers Africa
Bunmi Oyinsan Lekki Peninsula College Africa
Oluwasoga Oni MDaaS Global Africa
Allan Tollo Myfugo Innovations Limited Africa
Harriet Nongoola Solar Aid Ltd/ Sunnymoney Uganda Africa
Antonio Dixon

SolarFi Cares

Ucheoma Udoha Crispvision ventures ltd Africa
Uche Udekwe NATAL CARES Africa
Nsika Masondo National Stokvel Association of South Africa (NASASA) Africa
Akshay Makar CLIMATENZA SOLAR Asia & Oceania
Abid Rashid Lone FastBeetle Services LLP Asia & Oceania
Vaibhav Lodha ftcash Asia & Oceania
Stevens Chan DID MY Academy Sdn Bhd Asia & Oceania
Angela Chen Eskwelabs Asia & Oceania
Lucky Dissanayake Biomass Group Asia & Oceania
Anjali Mehta Sagar Trust Asia & Oceania
Kristin Kagetsu Saathi Asia & Oceania
Mi Jin Kim Weconnect Asia & Oceania
Rukhsana Mazhar Porter Pakistan Asia & Oceania
Bhuwan KC ecoprise Asia & Oceania
Jitendra Sinha SAI Sustainable Agro Asia & Oceania
Riana Shah Ethix.AI Asia & Oceania
Antonio Nuno Someone Somewhere Latin America
Gizella Greene SuperFoods Ecuador Latin America
Allison Archambault EarthSpark International’s Participant Power Latin America
Cynthia Villar MiBolsillo Latin America
Ignacio Hinojosa ServiSenior Latin America
Sergio Figueredo Choco4Peace Latin America
Nora Joseph RADIKAL Latin America
Jens Martinsen Testhub Europe
Fela Akinse SALUBATA Global Focus
Lotte Vandewalle Lotte Vandewalle Global Focus
Kelley Van Dilla Playground of Empathy Global Focus
Troy Carter RIZOME Global Focus
Olya Irzak Frost Methane Global Focus
Kelly Twichel Access Trax Global Focus
William Chen Cabinet Global Focus
Ben Lakey Mitt Wearables Global Focus
Yasmin Grigaliunas World’s Biggest Garage Sale Global Focus
Lornah Mukasa TungaTunga Hcrafts Global Focus
Patricia Lopez NotesFirst, Inc. Global Focus
Hamzat KORIKO African Arts Arena Global Focus
Christian Duffus Fonbnk Global Focus
Shaun Chavis LVNGbook Global Focus
Jessica Ellerbrock Sol Stories Global Focus
Maica Gil Heroikka Global Focus
Scott Key Every Shelter Middle East
Davion Ziere Origyn, PBC North America
Samantha Pratt KlickEngage North America
Mike Mitchell Acari North America
Anthony Molden uCollabit North America
Jay Newton-Small MemoryWell North America
Lauren Reilly SuitUp Inc. North America
Carolyn Pitt Film Connx North America
Adrienne Prentice MotherNation North America
Keith Wakeman SuperBetter North America
Cyrus Julian Zonez Art/Music Festival Platform North America
Donna Childs Prisere LLC North America
Dickson Wambua CLOUDSYTE LLC North America
Gary Yin Perked North America
pk mutch LiisBeth Media North America
Isaiah Goodman MoneyVerbs North America
Tanay Tatum-Edwards freecap North America
Crystal Houston Citeful North America
Sanna Gaspard Rubitection North America
Marisa Hamamoto Infinite Flow – An Inclusive Dance Company North America
Angela Fusaro Physician 360, Inc. North America
Reginald Parker Optimal Technology Corporation North America
Farrukh Siddiqui Defynance North America
Austin Webster Deepr® North America
Kyle Pavlock Rideshare Association of America North America
Myles Mangram North America
Robert Luo Mi Terro North America
Lucy Ashman Tierra & Lava North America
Asha Owens BestFit North America
Wa’il Ashshowwaf Reyets North America
Kareem Nakshbendi All Compliance Services North America
Mariden Lord MYFL Brands North America
Varika Pinnam IDA North America
Nhi Lam Coconut Whisk North America
George Crichlow Kynsho LLC North America
Mohamed Kamara InovCares North America
Sarah Shaw Sidekick Education North America

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