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SOCAP 365 Virtual Series  |  Governance & Accountability

SOCAP Global August 3, 2020

Governance & Accountability: Leveraging Governance for Change

SOCAP 365 Virtual Series Part 2-Governance & Accountability

Governance includes the full set of processes of governing by a government, a network, a market. It is the way rules, norms and actions are structured, regulated, and held accountable. In this conversation, we will look at how to leverage governance for change. This session will feature examples of policy, governance, and accountability in use and practice. What accountability levers are in place? How do we create new ones? Speakers will discuss different types of accountability structures from finance to communities. These examples will demonstrate how fundamental change can happen when there is accountability built into the system. Bring your questions for this timely conversation.
Join our series facilitator, Erika Seth Davies, along with practitioners and cross-sector experts as we look at best practices, tangible examples, and next steps for action for system-level conversations with a hyper-local lens. Interactive and solution-oriented sessions.

Erika Seth Davies.  
The Racial Equity Asset Lab

Tiffany McGhee
Partner, CEO & Co-CIO of Institutional Client Services
Momentum Advisors

Olu Butterfly Woods
Executive Director

Kera Ritter
The Ritter Group



Equity and Inclusion / Sustainable Development
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