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10 Virtual Conference Benefits: Access All the Sessions While Cutting Carbon Emissions

SOCAP September 4, 2020

Convening the SOCAP community at Fort Mason is always the highlight of our year. It is an honor and a privilege to connect those at the forefront of impact investing with innovative entrepreneurs and everyone in between as we imagine and work together to build our future impact economy. This year, we’re convening as a virtual conference, and while our gathering is not in-person, the conversations and connections that happen at SOCAP are more needed than ever. Going virtual will allow us to provide more access than ever before, making more space at the table for everyone to be represented and heard as we continue building a movement for systemic change. 
And so, as we prioritize the safety of our community and choose to present SOCAP virtually this October, check out the following reasons why a virtual conference can be better than in-person. We hope you’ll join us online this October (and see what other benefits you find)!

SOCAP Virtual Conference Benefits

  • You won’t miss out on a session. All of the sessions are recorded, so your ticket gives you access to watch sessions later if you have a scheduling conflict. This year, our curated themes cover a wide range of interrelated and incredibly important topics all related to lasting, radical change. Each session will provide an avenue to take action, as our goal is to build upon our conference to create year-round activity and meaningful progress.
  • Stay socially distanced. By attending a virtual conference, you and all of our attendees have the opportunity to participate without exposure to large gatherings of people. We are excited to be creating a virtual version of our annual gathering on a digital platform that will enable robust community participation.
  • Reduced carbon footprint. By not traveling to attend the conference at Fort Mason Center, you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint. While each of us logging in on our devices does add up, the reduced travel will greatly reduce the environmental impact of the conference.
  • Your phone will never die! You don’t have to worry about your phone running out of battery when you’re not competing for an outlet.
  • Participate in your pajamas. Not that we enforce a SOCAP dress code any year, but this year, if you’re watching from the comfort of your home, pajamas and regular snacking suddenly feel even more acceptable!
  • No waiting in line for registration and no badges around your neck. Login in a few quick steps and you’re off and running to explore all the virtual conference has to offer.
  • No jog from session to session. At SOCAP Virtual, you’ll be able to get from stage to stage in 10 seconds tops!

If you would be attending SOCAP from afar …

  • Save money on travel. If you’re staying home to join us this year, you won’t be spending money on travel or a hotel reservation.
  • Avoid jet lag and lost bags. Avoid jet lag and other pains of air travel including lost bags, crinkled clothes and last-minute packing!

If you would be attending SOCAP from nearby …

  • No commuting or parking. You can watch inspiring keynotes, participate in engaging breakouts, learn about amazing organizations in our digital pavilion and build your network all from your living room.  
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