Bridging Capital Barriers: Understanding Diverse Perspectives on Fund Underwriting

SOCAP Global September 29, 2020

Recent calls to action highlight the persistent underrepresentation of black fund managers in private capital markets. LPs have started to recognize the potential alpha opportunity in investing in black-led funds. However, current discussions often overlook the structural barriers embedded in the processes that dictate capital allocation today. Black fund managers are looking to raise capital, and LPs have shown interest in diversifying portfolio managers. This event will advance conversation to bridge this market inefficiency.

This video was a conversation that occurred on Sept16 and was the latest installment of the Radical Collaboration series. This interactive virtual session will explore the practical challenges black fund managers face in raising capital. The conversation begins with an LP, fund manager and consultant panel, followed by an invitation for event participants to directly contribute their own experiences and stories.

Daryn Dodson, Founder and Managing Director, Illumen Capital
Angela Matheny, Director of Investment Staff and Head of Diverse Manager Equity, Colonial Consulting
Megan Walsh Thompson, Mission Investments Officer, Ford Foundation
Tina Castro, CFA, Managing Partner and Co-Founder, Avivar Capital (moderator)

Discussion Facilitators:
Anita Foster Washington, Analyst, Avivar Capital
Destana Herring, Summer Analyst, Avivar Capital

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