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Open Call for Nominations 20 Game-Changing Founders of Color Annual List

SOCAP Global September 25, 2020

Open Call for Nominations 20 Game-Changing Founders of Color Annual List

Applications Due November 13th, 2020

Now more than ever, communities of color are not only better informed and engaged but also empowered and determined to shift the narrative and build the future they want to see for themselves, their communities, and the next generation. These communities crave authenticity, creativity, and spaces that provide them with the tools, knowledge, and resources necessary to thrive, engage, and collaborate together.

SPECTRUM is excited to announce the opening of nominations for the second annual 20 Game-Changing Founders of Color Annual List. Launched in 2019, 20 Game-Changing Founders of Color features dynamic leaders who are on the frontlines of innovation and driving change.  The Game-Changing Founders of Color list is not only powerful and inclusive, but educates and connects the next generation of funders, leaders, and entrepreneurs of color.  We thank Prudential for its support in elevating these leaders and their work.

The Game-Changing Founders of Color list will use its influence to convene funders, creators, and entrepreneurs to demonstrate leadership, innovation, and drive change, including:

  • Differentiation. SPECTRUM/SOCAP’s work is the result of an inclusive, strategic, and community building process and is a creative improvement on traditional approaches that are executed by peer organizations/companies.
  • Attract innovative funders and partners. Attract funders who think of themselves as innovators and want to support and form partnerships with trendsetting creators/founders such as SPECTRUM/SOCAP and the leaders highlighted each year.
  • Reach new sectors. Attract innovative leaders in a broad range of sectors who may be intrigued by partnerships and the platform SOCAP has to leverage their work.
  • Thought leadership. Build thought leadership opportunities through digital content by providing the platform to Game-Changing Founders of Color to share the innovative process that led to their success and best practices that can be replicated in other fields and sectors for the purpose of empowering communities of color.
Game-Changing Founders of Color are everywhere and come in all sizes. From large, well-established companies, to small, outstanding startups. In every case, Founders of Color are meeting this unprecedented moment in time, with fresh thinking and innovative ideas that are transforming industries, reshaping society, and moving the world forward.
You can contribute to this new movement, by submitting your nomination to the Game-Changing Founder of Color Nominating Committee. We ask that you select a founder from one of the key sectors below:
  • Art, Culture, and Creative
  • Climate Action
  • COVID-19 Innovation
  • Early Stage/Startups
  • Education
  • Health and Wellness
  • Social Impact
  • Technology
It is important to note that being nominated as a Game-Changing Founder of Color does not guarantee selection.
Be sure to complete all questions and state why you or your nominee is qualified to become a Game-Changing Founder of Color. All nominations for Game-Changing Founders of Color must be in by 11/13/2020.
Founders selected to become Game-Changing Founders of Color for 2020 will be notified by 12/7/2020.
We want your ideas and suggestions on who is disrupting and innovating in their community and across the country. Nominations now open, apply today!
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