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Radical Collaboration: How Impact Investing Can Help Get People Back to Work

SOCAP Global September 29, 2020

Join us for the latest installment of Radical Collaboration conversations focused on the future of work. This series will elevate stories of partners coming together in unconventional ways to solve for critical issues and drive impact. We’ll highlight examples that inspire and offer insights, tools, and ideas where market-based solutions are busting open silos and working across sectors in new ways. Impact investors, policymakers, for-profit companies and the third sector need to collaborate in new ways in the face of the radical disruption of work and working patterns. This discussion will explore the opportunities for impact investors to address the major unemployment challenges we are likely to face in the coming months and years.


Joann Chen, Director of Employment Technology Fund (ETF@JFFLabs)

Joe Ludlow, Impact Investment Director at Ufi VocTech Trust

Nick Kind, Senior Director EMEIA, Tyton Partners

Andrea Mainelli, Senior Advisor, Tyton Partners

Impact Investing
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