Impact Conversations with Aavishkaar Group: A Tribute to All Women Leaders

SOCAP Global March 10, 2021

The First in a Series Dedicated to the Women Whose Stories Inspire Us to Do Better

The Aavishkaar Group is proud to present “Impact Conversations with Aavishkaar Group,” kicked off on International Women’s Day, as a tribute to all women leaders, and to the 55 million women whose vision has shaped us and helped us forge our own Impact journey.

Impact Conversations is dedicated to the women whose stories inspired us to do better, whose resilience helped us steer our mission, and whose invaluable contribution to our impact has humbled us time and again. This is the first video in the series.

In this Episode 1 of the Impact Conversations, we have renowned Global Leader, former Chief Sustainability Officer for Unilever, Gail Klintworth, who is on the Chair of Shell Foundation, share her views on impact and on the Aavishkaar Group Impact report that showcases our impact learning through the eyes of powerful women leaders. She led the conversation with Sushma Kaushik from the Aavishkaar Group and Muzalema Mwanza from Zambia who started the safe Motherhood Alliance, a true story of grit and entrepreneurial vision. These three exemplary women leaders from different parts of the world will also launch the Aavishkaar Group Impact Report 2020.

You can watch the full conversation below:

Check out Aavishkaar Group’s 2020 Impact Report Here.

To know more about the Aavishkaar Group, visit their website here:

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