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8 Ways to Connect for Action at SPECTRUM21 Virtual Conference

SOCAP Global June 2, 2021

Tools to Support Ongoing Relationships and Collaboration

Access. Inclusion. Action.

These three words serve as the guiding themes of SPECTRUM21. They are built not only into the planned sessions for the event, but are built into the structure of the event itself. 

Access: Thanks to the generosity of our partners, the event is free. As a virtual conference, attendees can join from anywhere. As a result, this is the most accessible SPECTRUM event to date. We are also launching multiple ways to continue connections after the event, including ways to find aligned funding sources, a dedicated social networking platform, and ways to find and support solutions. 

Inclusion: The platforms we use to bring SPECTRUM to life include Hopin, which is built for attendees to be able to do just that: hop in. During the event, and especially during the breakout sessions, participants will be able to whiteboard together, chat directly, and even join session leaders “on stage” to share ideas, experiences, and ways to collaborate beyond the event.

Action: Every session at this virtual conference will drive toward action for change. We have also built in scheduled networking breakouts and the ability for participants to chat or video call one another one-on-one, so attendees have numerous opportunities to directly connect with someone during the event and plan work together after the event is over.

Review all the features below — and register free today to join us June 9 and 10 at the SPECTRUM21 virtual conference. 

Here are eight ways you’ll be able to network, connect, and spur collective action at our SPECTRUM21 Virtual conference:

  1. Create your own session during the dedicated time at the end of the day to find folks and bring them into a conversation you guide. You’ll be able to directly invite other attendees into this session you build.
  2. Ongoing connection with funders and solutions: We will present three lasting initiatives, including a dedicated social network, to support entrepreneurs looking for aligned funders and a way for attendees to support solutions, including the Game-Changing Founders of Color cohort.  
  3. Filter through our attendees by market segment, industry, thematic interest, title, organization and more to find your allies in the crowd. If you’re an entrepreneur committed to climate action, find the other players in the ecosystem who can help bring your vision to life. If you’re committed to investing for equitable health care access, you can reach out directly to others who are working toward the same goal.
  4. Video chat 1-on-1 through our platform with attendees at any time during the conference. You might love what you see in a session chat and wish you could learn more about the person and their organization—this tool allows you to do just that.
  5. Attend a scheduled networking session in the agenda and connect directly with groups of attendees to find others who are working in your space or could help you achieve your goals (or who you could help achieve theirs!). 
  6. Engage directly with presenters, including through the chat, being brought “on stage” for conversations, and even some shared whiteboard activities with fellow attendees. Meet valuable strangers that share your interests and work together on an issue or topic presented in the breakout. We want everyone to leave with a sense of having taken real action and built new connections—and this is one great way to jumpstart that opportunity.
  7. Participate in the mainstage and session chat and share your thoughts. One of our core principles is elevating the wisdom of the crowd —help us bring that wisdom to the forefront by joining the presenters on-stage or chatting directly with other attendees throughout a session and throughout the week. Love something you heard in a session? You can share it with all the other attendees and open yourself up to all new connections who were equally inspired.
  8. Get connected randomly to other attendees for a video chat with the matchmaking tool. This is the closest to meeting a new friend in the buffet line as is possible!
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