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On Being a Good Ancestor

SOCAP Global June 10, 2021

Monique Aiken at SPECTRUM21

Monique Aiken launched The Reconstruction podcast with the ImpactAlpha platform in February with a focus on moving capital toward justice: rethink, redress, liberate. The period after the American Civil War was a time of great ferment, division – and systemic change. Today’s confluence of pandemic, dislocation and popular mobilization presents new opportunities for systemic change. Conversations on The Reconstruction podcasts, and coverage on ImpactAlpha, introduce people, projects and U.S. policies that center Blackness in the service of economic liberation for all.

In Aiken’s words: “We are rethinking capital and rethinking power. .. We must move capital toward justice.”

Equity and Inclusion / Impact Investing / Racial Equity
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