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Webinar Registration: Retooling the Relationship Between Workers and Employers: Transformative Models in the Future of Work

SOCAP Global August 19, 2022

Join us September 13, 2022 at 1:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

The future of work is upon us as new industries grow, labor market needs shift, and employers are chronically “deficient” in talent. At the same time, workers– both with and without a college degree – lack the opportunities, skills, and training needed in today’s economy. Transformative models have emerged – often initiated and run by non-profits – that are rewriting the relationship between workers and employers, uncovering skills that workers do have, and bringing together employers and alternative education providers to develop new pathways to train America’s workforce and create opportunity for all.

Tyton Partners will first frame the issues around the labor market dysfunction and the challenges facing employers and workers before introducing the leaders of high-impact initiatives that exemplify scalable solutions for the workforce. After a quick round robin to explain the different models, their purpose and focus, the majority of our time will be spent working together to refine our understanding of the “problems to be solved” and understand the opportunities and challenges of potential solutions.

  • Panelists:
    • Andrea Mainelli, Senior Advisor at Tyton Partners (moderator)
    • Yigal Kerszenbaum, Founder & Managing Director, ETF@JFF
    • Beth Colbert, Chief Operating Officer, Markle Foundation
    • Leila Makarechi, Chief Business Officer, Merit America

Equity and Inclusion / Future of Work
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