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SOCAP and Toniic to Connect Aligned Investors and Founders at SOCAP24

SOCAP Global February 15, 2024

SOCAP24 Attendees Can Participate in the Event’s Investment Matching Program Presented by Toniic

SOCAP Global is once again partnering with Toniic to facilitate customized investment opportunity matching between investors attending SOCAP24 and SOCAP Fellows.

Since 2010, Toniic has helped its community of investors to share and identify impact investment opportunities across the spectrum of the Sustainable Development Goals. Toniic impact investing programs leverage platforms, webinars, collaborative due diligence, and an investment matching technology that highlights to every investor those investment opportunities that meet their expressed impact themes of interest. Every year, Toniic publishes impact reports highlighting the success of its impact investing programs.

Through SOCAP’s partnership with Toniic in 2024, Toniic will provide its investment matching technology to help investors at the SOCAP24 conference identify investment opportunities aligned with their impact themes of interest among the SOCAP Fellows.

Registered investors who are attending the annual flagship SOCAP conference from October 28 to 30, 2024, can sign up to receive curated matches to the SOCAP Fellows, a highly curated and competitively selected cohort of investment-ready social enterprises that will have gone through a four-month virtual training program preparing them for investor connections at SOCAP. Fellows come from all over the world and represent a variety of sectors. All will be reviewed and selected by the SOCAP Advisory Council of investment professionals, including representatives from African Diaspora Network, Toniic, MCE Social Capital, Trillium Asset Management, Alpha Mundi, and Vested World. SOCAP Fellows run for-profit companies that make at least $200,000 in annual revenue and have been operating for at least two years. 

“SOCAP Global is proud to be partnering again with Toniic to offer this unique value proposition to our registered investor community as well as our SOCAP Fellows. It speaks to how we are trying harder than ever to measure the impact of our convening for our community and showcase the flow of capital in the impact ecosystem,” said Robert Munson, SOCAP Global President. “Part of our mission has always been to create a connecting space for everyone joining us at our in-person event, and this partnership helps to strengthen and deepen those connections between funders and founders.”

Investment Matching Program

This program is a unique and exclusive opportunity for registered SOCAP24 investors to receive curated matches to companies based on their impact themes of interest. Through the Investment Matching Program, investors can identify the right companies seeking funding at SOCAP24 and make the most out of the SOCAP24 experience.

“SOCAP is the leading impact investment global conference, and they have created a highly curated Fellowship program to select some of the brightest social enterprises in the world. We are excited to extend our technology resources, which we have validated after many years serving impact investors, to support SOCAP24 registered investors in receiving high-quality matches to SOCAP24 Fellows,” said Dario Parziale, Managing Director at Toniic.

Investors who sign up for the Investment Matching Program will share their preferred impact themes of interest and geography preferences. Toniic will then send each investor a company summary of the SOCAP Fellows’ enterprises that match their expressed themes of interest. Investors can request an introduction to learn more about the SOCAP Fellows and possibly schedule a meeting during SOCAP24.

The company summaries provide a simple yet effective overview of each SOCAP Fellows’ enterprise. Each summary includes a company overview, a description of the products and services, a business model, an impact thesis, a management team, investment round information, and more. Every summary also includes a link to the company’s pitch deck.  

This program comes at no added costs to investors. All investors and SOCAP attendees are encouraged to participate.

To sign up for the Investment Matching Program, register for SOCAP24 and select this option: “For accredited investors only – Would you like to learn more about opportunities to provide funding to the entrepreneurs in our SOCAP24 Entrepreneur Program?”.

You will receive an email in September with the SOCAP Fellow company summaries according to your desired themes of interest.

Insights and Trends From the Investment Matching Program at SOCAP23

SOCAP and Toniic partnered on the Investment Matching Program at SOCAP23. Below, learn about some of the companies that were successfully matched to investors.

Biozeroc is a biomaterial science company using bacteria to create a carbon-negative alternative to cement, with the potential to mitigate over 8% of our global emissions.

The accelerating degradation of our ecosystems is threatening the livelihoods of billions. Because global land ownership is highly fragmented, 80% of private forested land-holders don’t have enough resources to secure services from existing drone-based restoration companies. Flying Forests has developed restoration drone technology and a global distribution network that equips and empowers local communities as long-term environmental stewards, with fair revenue sharing throughout the value chain.

Hexas produces XanoFiber™, a plant-based fiber that replaces wood, food crops for fuels, and fossil fuel-based raw materials in many applications – from bioenergy to structural and non-structural products – at lower costs and superior performance. Its proprietary technologies allow it to alter the biochemical and physical structure of XanoFiber™ to optimize it as a drop-in solution for existing production infrastructure. It leaves trees standing, crops for food, and fossil fuels in the ground.

Ignis addresses the global learning crisis by promoting purposeful education. It designs participatory learning models to inculcate Life Skills, English Skills, and STEM in low-cost private schools and government schools that cater to underserved communities. Ignis programs are affordable and sustainable. Ignis also designs programs for young adults, helping them access information and reach wider job markets.

Retorna empowers immigrants in Latin America by reshaping the remittance scene. Its platform offers secure, cost-effective transfers, making a real difference. Additionally, it is growing a retail partner network, turning them into easy money transfer points. With 1.6 million transactions and $1.8 million saved in fees, its impact speaks volumes. It aims to be the top financial hub for immigrants in the region.

Saathi is addressing women’s health and the plastic pollution crisis in India by making biodegradable and compostable sanitary pads from banana and bamboo fiber that are good for women, the community, and the environment. It works to increase access and education around MHM, reduce ocean plastic, raise awareness about alternatives to plastic menstrual products, and talk more about the intersection of health and sustainability. 

Utz Box provides simple and straightforward export services through qualified personnel and efficient and friendly customer service, contributing to the growth of its clients’ exportable supply. It prioritizes continuous improvement, the growth of its suppliers, and profitability for the well-being of its employees, shareholders, investors, and community.

The primary SDGs of the companies that were successfully matched to investors include: 

  • 8. Decent work and economic growth:25% of the companies
  • 12. Responsible consumption and production: 25% of the companies
  • 1. No poverty: 12.5% of the companies
  • 4. Quality education: 12.5% of the companies
  • 5. Gender equality: 12.5% of the companies
  • 15. Life on land: 12.5% of the companies

Their average expected revenues in 2023 are estimated at $450,000.

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