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A Deep Dive Into How SOCAP Partnerships Work for Impact

SOCAP Global May 20, 2024

A Money + Meaning Podcast with Michelle Arevalo-Carpenter and Tova Lobatz of SOCAP Global

SOCAP’s annual convening serves as a springboard for ongoing collaboration and conversation, and partnerships are integral to amplifying the event’s impact and reach. In a new Money + Meaning podcast, Michelle Arevalo-Carpenter and Tova Lobatz of SOCAP Global discuss the pivotal role of SOCAP partnerships, their contribution to event content, and how SOCAP works with partners to amplify their impact.

Through SOCAP partnerships, organizations can co-curate sessions with SOCAP’s content team, shine a light on current work, and connect with a global community of impact leaders at the annual event. “Being on a SOCAP stage is a door toward having influence over the conversations around impact, and as such, we take it very seriously that we bring in some governance and transparency to how content is brought to our community at SOCAP,” said Arevalo-Carpenter, Executive Director of Strategy & Content at SOCAP Global.

The sessions and speakers at SOCAP’s annual convening come from three primary sources. The first is SOCAP Open, a crowdsourcing method that incorporates the community’s conversations and provides opportunities for new voices to be heard at the event. The second is determined by SOCAP’s Content Curation Councils, which are made up of global experts within each of the eight content tracks.

The last third of content is reserved for SOCAP partners, which can highlight organizational work at the event with formats including panels, workshops, and private sessions. “That third of the content comes from our partners who are also experts in the field and work closely with our team to provide beneficial content that meets their objectives while also being great for the SOCAP audience,” said Lobatz, Executive Director of Strategic Partnerships at SOCAP Global.

The SOCAP content team works with partner organizations to ensure sessions meet their impact objectives and add to the conversation mix at the event. “It’s a fantastic way for us to work with some of the most inspirational partners out there,” Arevalo-Carpenter said. “We really encourage people to think of it as a content platform, and that adds a lot of value for those who can come on as partners.”

Working with the SOCAP content team has helped previous partners shape their programming to best fit the event and their impact priorities. “Those sessions have been really influential with their programming as well, and the opportunity to have this spotlight through the content sessions and the co-curating has really informed some of their programming,” Arevalo-Carpenter said.

Lobatz also said partnerships are year-round relationships rather than a short on-stage event opportunity. “The right partnership is really anyone that is dedicated to the impact community,” she said.

As a public benefit corporation, SOCAP partners with organizations that align with its mission and values to unlock capital and markets for the better of people and planet, Lobatz said. By bringing people together and providing education and resources, SOCAP and its partners create a purpose-aligned event.

Listen to the full Money + Meaning podcast to learn more about SOCAP partnership opportunities and the positive and impactful experiences of past partners. Interested in pursuing a partnership with SOCAP? Learn more and get in touch here!

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Money + Meaning is the official podcast of SOCAP. The series aims to expand the conversation around impact investing and strategies to finance and support social change while stimulating innovative and valuable new partnerships across sectors.

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